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No More Later

Postby Tituba » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:42 am

While this video is about decluttering, you could apply it to your dreams
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Re: No More Later

Postby Tituba » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:45 am

Happy New Year! Please Don't Improve Yourself

Barbara Sher <>
Today at 8:51 AM

Happy New Year!

If you’re writing any resolutions today, I hope they’re not promises to improve yourself in 2017. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s this:

You don’t need to change yourself to change your life.

Isolation is the dream-killer. Not your lousy attitude. Or your lack of willpower. Or that messy work area. And especially not your waist size or hair color.

If you’ve got a dream, you need people. And that’s what today’s newsletter is all about.

Forty years ago, more or less, I created Success Teams and the 8-Week Workshop that launches each team successfully. Four to six team members get together on one goal: to do everything they can to help each other achieve their dreams and live a life they love.

Why does it help to do this with a team of strangers instead of on your own? Well, look at what you have achieved in your life already: How did you manage to finish high school or college or a trade school? Was it your loving (or dysfunctional) family? No, it was a bunch of strangers who expected you to show up and do the work, and they didn’t much care if you felt confident or loved yourself. There were people in your life who sometimes pointed out what a great job you were doing or inspired you by doing a great job themselves.

That’s how we got things done. The presence of other people, basically other strangers, made the difference. Your family and close friends were often less than thrilled about you making changes. Those changes might affect them, or worry them. And that’s not all. Most of our friends and family, even if they wanted very much to help, knew only the people and the worlds you already knew. If they were lawyers, they didn’t understand anything about you being an artist. If they were artists, they didn’t know how to help you become a lawyer.

To do the things you’ve dreamed of you need other people, plain and simple, and the best help you can get is from people you don’t even know yet. That’s what Success Teams are for.

Sher Success Teams

My dream was to find a way to put anyone into a great support team made of helpful strangers, and 40 years ago I figured out how to do it. I’m prouder of Success Teams than any other idea I’ve ever come up with. And they have made a huge difference in so many people’s lives! Each year more Sher Success Teams leaders all around the world are creating these Success Teams using a kit and audio I created for them.

If you long to go after a dream, they are ready to help. How does the whole thing work? It's pretty simple: You meet for two hours a week for those eight weeks. You'll learn how to help each other, explore your dreams, choose a goal, and go after it step by step. They'll see to it that you meet your first milestone, and then they'll throw an Idea Party to bring in their friends (again, strangers to you) from many different worlds to come up with even more ideas for for making your dreams come true -- including dealing with any obstacles you confront. That's the secret to success. Every time. And it works.

You can find a team and sign up right now, or read some success stories right now at

After those first eight weeks with a Success Teams leader, the team knows how to run on its own. You’ll decide how often to meet and you’ll keep track of each other as each of you move from one milestone goal to the next until you achieve your dream. Some teams have continue to meet for a decade or more, achieving one dream after another. “I never knew how to go after dreams. Now that I know, I don’t ever want to stop. These strangers have become my most important friends!” said one Success Team member recently.

Here’s an example from an Idea Party hosted by our Boulder, Colorado Success Teams leader, Kimberly Stewart.

There were two gentlemen at an Idea Party, one from Ghana and one from Denver. Their goal was to get mechanized farming equipment to Ghana, where people still used hand tools for large scale agriculture, which caused young people to leave the rural areas and farms for the city where there were jobs (and not back-breaking labor). Their obstacles were: they didn’t have any money or farm equipment, just this goal.

The first idea from the group was to contact manufacturers of farm equipment and see if they would be willing to donate old machines, or sell them at a discount.

The second person to raise her hand said, “My brother-in-law is the retired CEO of John Deere.” I said, “Get that lady’s phone number!”

And another dream turned into a dream come true. You can’t do that by improving yourself or changing yourself.

You’ll love going to Idea Parties yourself. What do you have to offer? You never know what you know until someone asks!

Our Director of Sher Success Teams, Patty Newbold, tells a story that shows the incredible difference just a suggestion and a little bit of information from someone can make:

A member of one of my Success Teams had been forced out of two highly technical and specialized scientific jobs, the first when technology made a sudden shift, the second when his employer went out of business. Now he was working in a Home Depot, just barely making his mortgage payments.

He had heard of a fascinating new technology he wanted to explore, one that would use his expertise and some of the equipment he already owned. But there was no way he could afford the software it required and nowhere to take a class on it.

A teammate asked, “Do you have anything you could sell on Craigslist to raise the money?” He’d never heard of Craigslist, but by the next week, he’d sold a bunch of gear from a forgotten hobby and bought the software. By the end of the eight weeks, he had a consulting contract and a full-time job offer in his new field.

If you’re tired of just wishing and watching the time go by, get into a Success Team now.

Here are some Success Teams starting soon. Each of their leaders is a talented guide who loves her work, and an independent small business owner registered to use my materials. You’ll find their prices and backgrounds vary -- the cost is surprisingly low -- but the 8-Week Workshop is the same everywhere. Find the one near you.

California - San Francisco Bay Area

My name is Susan Whipple. I am delighted to announce that 2017 marks the beginning of the 15th year that I have been facilitating Official Success Teams in the San Francisco Bay Area. I credit the Success Team I joined, over 20 years ago, for catapulting me forward into realizing my dream of establishing and growing my personal and professional coaching practice.

My first Success Team was a mutually supportive advisory circle of inspiration, clarity, creative ideas, concrete solutions, shared resources, fresh new perspectives and weekly accountability for implementation of our action plans towards our dreams and goals. My coaching practice is now 18 years strong and thriving. Most amazingly, over 20 years later, several of our first Success Team members still reach out to support each other and we have also become very good friends.

As a result of seeing over a thousand people light up as their dreams and goals spring to life, it has become my mission and life passion to be “the spark that ignites the creative fire,” to fully support people in reaching their own unique dreams and goals and to live their fullest and most authentic lives. I have had the tremendous fortune to be trained by Barbara Sher and it is a great honor to be a Registered Success Teams Leader.

In addition to facilitating Success Teams, I am also a Certified Life Transition, Career, and Leadership Coach, in private practice for the past 18 years. Prior to establishing my coaching practice, I was the Coaching Director at JFK University and the Leadership Development and Staffing Director for the high technology Fortune 500 leader, EDS.

I would be delighted to have you join me as we celebrate the kick off of the New Year with our first 2017 Success Team!

Who: 4-6 San Francisco Bay Area people ready to identify, nurture, and implement a compelling vision, goal, or project

What: The Success Team Workshop includes eight professionally facilitated sessions, the Success Team manual and an Idea Party in week 6 or 7. Teams are intentionally small and seats fill up on a first come first filled basis, so don’t delay! Teams have a maximum of 6 people and cost $425.00 for 8 meetings, payable by Paypal or with debit or credit card.

When: Consecutive Wednesdays, February 15-April 5 from 10am-12pm

Where: Just over the Golden Gate Bridge, on 101 N, 5 miles north of San Francisco, in Sausalito.

Next Step: Email me at to schedule a short phone conversation so that we may connect, and you can get additional questions answered and register. Even if you can’t make it to the next Success Team, do email me and I’ll see if I can invite you to the next team’s 7th week Idea Party. (I promise you’ll love it.) And I’d be more than happy to schedule some time to talk about next steps on your dreams and goals. You can call me at 415-786-2121.

As Barbara Sher says, “That urge -- to do more, be more, make real the vision in your mind’s eye -- that urge is basic to human beings. And it has to be honored. Deep down we all know that. That’s why our dreams never die, even after years of neglect.” I think it might be time to quit neglecting your dreams. Time is passing. Be part of a first-rate Success Team and catch up fast. You’ll wonder why you never did it before!

Make 2017 the Year that Your dreams come to life by belonging to your own Success Team!

If that’s what you want, let’s get started! Send me an email at or call me at 415-786-2121 and we will schedule a phone chat together!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Susan Whipple, MA, CPCC

Colorado - Boulder

Our Boulder Success Teams leader, Kimberly Stewart, is a graduate of Naropa University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and visual art. She has been a Registered Success Team Leader since 2003. She is also a certified Profit From Your Passions Consultant and the author of 2 books: Be Weird, Make Money: Halloween and Be Weird, Make Money: Design a Life and a Living in a World Where You Don’t Feel Like You Belong.

Her workshop during last September’s Dare to Soar Telesummit was a smash hit. You can listen to the recording here:

Kimberly’s next Success Team starts 11am Saturday, January 21, cost $450. Location TBD. Email for more information. Or go to to sign up.

Beginning in February, Kimberly welcomes you to monthly, open Idea Parties in the Boulder area, whether you’re a Success Teams member or not. Please email if interested and ask for more details.

California - Palo Alto

Lisa Stotler, MA, is a Career Counselor in Palo Alto, CA. She loves running Success Teams because they’re fun, positive and work! Please contact her to learn more about the February 2017 Team she’s starting and make your wishes (and New Year’s resolutions) come true. :)

Palo Alto, CA
Tuesdays, Feb. 21-April 18, 2017 (Please note: no session April 4)
At our CareerGenerations office (2225 E. Bayshore)

For more info:

Testimonials from Lisa’s past teams:

“Attending Success Team with Lisa was an excellent experience. Her work as a facilitator was fantastic and she provided great insight for everyone in the group. The members of the group themselves were fabulous and we all worked together really well. I learned things about myself I did not know, I started the journey of figuring out what was really important to me in a career and it helped build my confidence.” Erica Smith

“I worked with Lisa as part of a Success Team program - which is designed to get you moving towards something you want. Beyond simply facilitating the 8 week course, Lisa provided amazing perspective and feedback for deeper understanding of what was in my way. Her years of experience are a terrific compliment to the program. She can cut to the chase quickly, but gently, and helps reveal what you might not be seeing. She’s kind, honest, and great at what she does for those who are ready for change.” Elissa Everett

Colorado - Delta

Success Team Jan 31-Mar 21 7:30-9:30pm MST Delta, CO

How to get what you really want (even if you have no goals, no character, and you’re often in a lousy mood). A Success Team is a support group of people who will help you develop plans for any goal; give you information and contacts, phone numbers, addresses and directions... whatever you need to make your dream come true. Most important: they’ll give you guidance and encouragement, week by week until you’ve achieved your goal. And you will be doing the same for them.

Contact: Edith Johnston,

Dreams becoming reality through Success Teams:

With accountability and support Shawna went from years as a CNA to now being a BSN and impacting the lives of many as a nurse.
Deb, having worked in programs as a physical therapy aid, now assists those with brain injury as a counselor. All with the help of her success team mates to get through the challenges of family, work, and school.

Edith Johnston PhD LPC works with individuals in her private practice, classes and one of her favorite modalities, Success Teams, to assist others in figuring out the “how to”. She enjoys bringing people together to identify their dreams and make them happen.

Her Success Team starts Jan. 31st in Delta, CO.

Georgia - Decatur

Hi! Do you have a dream you want to come true? Then take action on pursuing your dream and join our Success Team. We will be your cheerleaders, accountability buddies and creative problem solvers.

We are meeting in Decatur, GA for 8 weeks starting Thursday, Feb 2 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.
During these meetings, we will be practicing Barbara Sher’s tried and true 8-week program to success.

Since this is the first Success Team I’m leading, my practice team, it is free, and there are only 4 openings. Please email me to join.

If you are interested in making your dreams possible, please reach out. It is up to you.

Good luck!
Sheila Sergent

Illinois - Vernon Hills

The Success Teams in Vernon Hills, IL are a bit different from the others.

Necie Edwards, a Women’s Empowerment Life Coach, helps moderate to low income women in Vernon who are unemployed or homeless get back on track and transform their lives.

Her Success Team is free of charge for such women and new members can join at any time. It meets weekly on Friday evening at 7pm CST by teleconference.

Contact Necie at

New York - New York City

Andrea Reese has been running Success Teams in New York City for 20 years and loves leading groups more each year. Her teams fill up fast. The next one will be in Stuyvesant Town on Wednesday evenings. The price is $375.

You can read about Andrea and her teams here: or contact her at

Tennessee - Chattanooga

Harriet Cash is one of our newest leaders and a successful real estate broker in Chattanooga. She'll be starting her practice Success Team this month, but it's already full. She can put you on the list for her first paid team in March or April.

For more information: ... ent-Meetup
Phone number: 423-827-4167
Email address:

Texas - Houston

Christie Going will offer the Success Teams 8-Week Workshop in the Houston area starting sometime in February, and you’ve still got a chance to suggest a day of the week or time of day that suits you best -- or to get a 50% discount by hosting the weekly team meetings in your office, shop, or home.

The 8-Week Workshop helps you and your team reach your first goal on the way to living a life you love, after which you’ll continue on together to reach bigger goals.

Christie is a jewelry designer, licensed massage therapist and a small business owner. She is a single mom, home owner and has lots animals. She has continued to work on her Ideal Day since the first Success Team she was a member of in 2009, and she’s open to helping you go after all sorts of different dreams: travel, arts, crafts, writing, teaching, starting a community or a business, dancing, or opening your own business.

Contact Christie at for more information.

Canada - Vancouver, BC

My name is Julie Ivan (Iuvancigh). I am a trainer, life coach, mentor, facilitator and consultant. I have worked with people for the past 40 years to help them change beliefs, attitudes & behavior.

Most people struggle with change & uncertainty. Having the support of a group of people to keep you positive, motivated, accountable and moving forward is your best chance at succeeding to make changes in your life.

I am passionate in supporting people to change & take the “next step” that will bring them closer to reaching their goals. Idea Parties and Success Teams inspire new ideas and provide the support and motivation to move forward!

Join the Next Success Team in Vancouver BC

Join a Success Team for more focused support to achieve your dreams.
The next one will begin March 1 to April 18 - 8 weeks. Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm
Location TBD but within the City of Vancouver
6 participants required.
Total cost is $297.00 per person.
To save your spot or for more info email Julie at


Get together with 5 friends and contact me to customize a Success Team Workshop especially for your group!

ALSO: Join the Vancouver Idea Party Meetup -

The second Thursday evening of each month so Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 13, 2017
From 7-9 PM
False Creek Community Center on Granville Island, 1318 Cartwright St.
Board Room on the 2nd Floor
Free Parking on Granville Island and Bus #50 stops nearby

Everywhere Else

Patty Newbold will offer a Success Team by Phone beginning on Thursdays from February 2 through March 23. Any English-speaker anywhere in the world is welcome to join, using their landline, cell phone, Skype or a free VoIP service.

This team will meet from 1-3pm Eastern time, noon-2pm Central, 11am-1pm Mountain, 10am-noon Pacific, 6-8pm in the UK, and 7-9pm in Central Europe on 8 Thursdays. The teleteam price is $498.

Patty is my Director of Sher Success Teams. She’s the talented techie who coaches my WriteSpeak members as they write their books and become paid speakers. She’s also the guide for all of my English language book clubs. Patty’s a graduate of MIT, a management consultant, a business owner, a grandmother and a marriage educator in her spare time.

Contact Patty at

An Idea Party You Can Join Today for Free

Whether you join any of these Success Teams or not, I’d love to help you find a way around whatever obstacles stand between you and what you’re wishing for. An Idea Party is an event where you tell us your Wish and your Obstacle and we share ideas for getting around that Obstacle, after you do the same for others. Please join my Facebook Idea Party or my Barbara’s Club Idea Party today. Both are available whenever you need them.

Wishing you the very best of years in 2017. Please find a way to do what you love, even if for just a few minutes a day.


Barbara Sher
Barbara Sher

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