I'm Going on a Date with Dwight

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I'm Going on a Date with Dwight

Postby skyland » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:46 pm


Dwight has a Saab station wagon. Meg gets into the car.

The car is filled with kid's athletic equipment and old McDonald's wrappers. It contrasts with the bachelor image Dwight presented at the pool. Dwight clears the front seat.


Dwight: I have two boys, David and Mike. The car gets to be a mess when I drive them around. They're good boys. They fight some times but that's because they're boys. Where should we go for for lunch? Do you like Oriental food?

Meg: I know of a good place.

Dwight: Where?

There's an outdoor cafe near here. The Starlight Cafe.

As they near the cafe, Dwight changes his mind.

Dwight (enthusiastically): Do you want to see a condo?

Meg: Sure.

They drive into the foothills.


Meg and Dwight pull up to a luxurious condominium with a fountain. They get out of the car.


Dwight gives Meg a room by room tour. The townhouse is decorated in pastel blues and pinks. As they walk past a laundry machine, he stops, takes his laundry out and throws it in the dryer.

Dwight: Let's go.
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Re: I'm Going on a Date with Dwight

Postby skyland » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:27 am


Dwight finishes his laps and pulls a deck chair next to Meg.

Meg: Have you been divorced long?

Dwight: Ten years.

Meg: Do you have a girlfriend?

Dwight: I used to.

Meg: What happened?

Dwight: I didn't want to get married. She was younger than me. She wanted kids.

Meg: Did it bother you to break up?

Dwight: Yeah. I'm not the kind of person to go out with a lot of women. I stay in one relationship at a time.

Meg: It's hard to make commitments.

Part II


Another townhouse decorated in pastel shades of pink and aquamarine. Dwight rests on a couch. Meg sits on a chair.

Dwight: My wife and I used to live here. This was our first house. I got it as part of the divorce settlement.

Meg: What does your wife do?

Dwight: She’s a lawyer. A trial attorney. She was worth three million when we got divorced.

Meg: Three million!

Dwight: She invested her money.

Meg: So you had to divide three million?

Dwight: I got one million plus the condo. I did pretty good, didn’t I?

Meg: I’ll say.


What did you do while she worked?

Dwight: I played golf.

Meg: You played golf all day? That didn’t bother her?

Dwight: Nope. I just had to be home at dinner.


I raised the kids. I did everything but breastfeed them.


When we got divorced, I agreed she could have two million if she would pay for the boys’ colleges.

Meg: So you were left with a million?

Dwight: Yup. I invested the money in stocks.

Dwight gets up and moves toward the door. At the door -

Cont. What are you doing tomorrow?

Meg: Taking pictures in the canyon. You want to come along?

Dwight: Okay. What time?

Meg: 8. I want to get an early start.
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