Need transcription service

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Need transcription service

Postby katchal » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:50 am

I need to find a good, reasonably priced transcription service to transcribe pretty good quality digital recordings. I am dictating material for a book about marketing and do not have time to transcribe it myself. The quality is pretty good - I'm recording in a quiet room with a professional quality digital recorder (Marantz 660). The service I usually use for work is very good, but too expensive for my personal project. I want to find a service that provides accurate, "clean verbatim" transcripts (all the words, but not the ums, uhs, etc.) It is important that they charge a flat fee by the recorded audio hour, not the hours worked so I can have a good estimate of the final charges at the outset. Also, I'd like a reasonable turnaround - 3-5 days is OK since I don't want to pay a premium for faster turnaround. I'd prefer native English speakers so I don't have to do a lot of cleanup. Any recommendations?
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Re: Need transcription service

Postby skannie » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:37 pm

Hi Katchal How many recorded audio hours do you have and what size are the files? Would it be feasible to send them over the Internet? The Marantz 660 produces wav files which are quite big, but maybe you could zip them up or convert them to MP3s. Would snail mail to Europe be too slow? I'm asking all that because I might be able to do the transcription for you, or if that's not feasible, you've certainly aroused my curiosity about another possible income stream. I am a native English speaker, and my main source of income at the moment is freelance translation and proofreading, with a bit of private English teaching and some website design thrown in. I haven't done transcription professionally before, but I have transcribed some ethnographic interviews. In that case all the ums and uhs had to be left in, but I've also edited sound files for radio which involved cutting them all out. I'm sure I could combine the two skills. I'd like to know more about how this works. Is there a special format for transcribed documents? What price is your usual service? How much are you willing to pay for this job? What is the usual time estimated for transcribing an hour of audio, and how many pages of text usually result? PM me about this if you like. (I've sent this to you as a PM as well.) Oh I've just discovered that the Marantz can be set to record in MP3 format too. If you've done that there should be no problem sending the files anywhere. skannie
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