Must Design an Inauguration Necklace for Michelle Obama

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Must Design an Inauguration Necklace for Michelle Obama

Postby amylehmann » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:29 am

Hi All, I very much welcome your genius and generosity in making this dream happen. I design unique, often custom jewelry pieces. I am clear that I am to create something special for Michelle Obama for the inauguration or the likes. I have a green approach to my designs, upcycling heirloom and vintage pieces into modern fabulous new looks that are reflective of the new owner. It would be an honor to create something for the Obamas, Michelle and or her beautiful daughters, incorporating keepsakes from Barack's beloved and recently deceased grandmother. I sense that this type of physical representaion and tribute to "Toot" as Barack lovely calls his grandmother, would be divine. If anyone has ideas of how I might connect with the Obamas and or their stylists or inner circle, or could make an introduction, I would greatly appreciate this. I have long felt an alignment with Michelle and her style and energy, so to create something special with and for her would/will be fabulous. Please feel free to visit my site to get a feel for what I am creating, I am a visual gal, so perhaps this may inspire some groovy ideas from you's hoping BIGTIME! Love Madame Sher and all she creates, such as this brilliant board :). Thanks soooo much for any and all help, warm regards, Amy
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