Need some feedback on an idea for a possible income stream..

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Re: Need some feedback on an idea for a possible income stre

Postby kashtanka » Sun May 27, 2012 6:19 pm

Punkmebillie, I feel your pain! I don't have Celiac Disease but I am gluten intolerant, and have had the same problems with being around other people that don't consider my needs. Last year I became very ill when I joined a new church that was heavily into having eating occassions, and all of the food with the exception of what I brought, had gluten in it. Whenever my siblings have get togethers, they serve pizza and cake. My friends ask me if I want to go out for pizza or subs. I've come to the conclusion that my sensitivity to gluten is so unimportant to them that they never think about it.

I've only met a few people that were gluten intolerant or had Celiac disease, but I've talked to many people who avoid gluten by choice. I think it's becoming a growing concern to people who are health conscious, so maybe that's another avenue you could pursue - getting out information about the harmful affects of gluten on everyone.

I'm curious about what you're been up to since January!
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Re: Need some feedback on an idea for a possible income stre

Postby DressyShoes » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:14 am


Welcome to the world of advocacy! As I'm sure you know, in order to create change, you may have to deal with setbacks. The most obvious setback is insensitivity from the other side. But that's why you're involved in advocacy in the first place: to change minds.

The food-allergy issue gets a lot of talk these days--and plenty of eye rolls. Many people I talk to see the issue as, well, a non-issue. I've even met people who suggest food allergies are psychosomatic (e.g. a person who is allergic to wheat is just afraid of getting fat).

I think you should consider publicity. Social media is a fantastic way to draw attention to a cause, and so many social media users are just as concerned as you are about food allergies. Build a name for yourself. Brand. Become "Punkmebillie: Expert on Food Sensitivity Training in the Workplace." Or something like that. You seem to have an enterprising, outgoing personality, so get on TV, NPR, all that good stuff.

That leads to the financial issue. In your original post, you said you would like some financial compensation for this work. Well, considering your current work situation sounds pretty toxic, you could be standing on the brink of a wonderful opportunity: Become a paid consultant for the cause! You could be invited to speak to all sorts of corporations and organizations.

(I don't suffer from such allergies myself, but my sister is allergic to some nuts and lobster. Her allergies aren't severe, but it can be a downer for her when she's eating out with friends or coworkers.)
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