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Looking for mentor-life coach

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:55 pm
by Jaydee
I thought I better re-write this as it was surely not attracting anyone.
I have been away for a while and feel a bit rusty. I think I need a life coach. Is there one on the forum? I find i go in circles trying to help soon as I hit too many obstacles, I shut down.

So now, even though I am 69, I feel I haven't done what I have to do, and maybe that something would support me financially also.
I am a singer who rarely sings for people, a would be guitar player with a guitar that is drawing dust, a writer who cannot figure out how to market, an artist of sorts who sells nothing, and a counselor who no longer practices her trade.

I put together a website at one point for my photographic art. I never learned how to promote it; I am old enough now that I hardly care. I decided last year to put a short story on amazon for kindle, did that and stopped short of promoting it becuz...I just do not get how. So, I feel like a sort of lame duck, a bit like a loser this way, Reader.

My best solution is to join a success group and do some networking. That is the sum of my solutions. This is not good. :cry: Part of me wants to quit and just be an old lady: goof off, take naps, visit folks, read, write for fun, cook for my daughter, visit sick folks, go to the Y and swim, take a walk in the mall. These ambitions are also a kind of a prison. Anyone with insight is welcome here.
ty, Jaydee

Re: Looking for mentor-life coach

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:23 pm
by Greta
Hi Jaydee,

I think a success team is almost always a good possibility since you can adjust it to your needs. You get the support you might need and it helps to clear your thoughts by talking to the others in your group. Are there any in your area?

Also, have you joined Hanging out with Barbara Sher? Even if you don't read every post, every week it might be just what you need... some fun, interesting, inspiring story/thought/suggestion to get you out of your rut. Sometimes I just browse and see which headline sparks my fancy and sometimes I find them quite boring but then I just go on to another one that might just be spot on for my situation.

It seems like you've done quite a bit (typical scanner?). And you have to know (hopefully you already do from reading Barbara Sher's books) that it is okay to start things and then leave them "unfinished". If you want to play guitar one day and do some more photography the next and write another day... why not??! You're supposed to be happy, that's the whole point. And if you want to be an old lady and take naps, that's fine too.

So I guess what I'm wondering is, can you tell me what makes you happy? What thing/activity makes your heart race and puts a smile on your face and you feel like this would be the most wonderful thing you could be doing?

Re: Looking for mentor-life coach

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:47 pm
by Jaydee
Ty for your kind reply! I had given up on hearing from anyone. Still have not had a reply as to who are life coaches on this site; dunno anymore tho used to, and I guess I do not know any longer how to find something on this forum.

Even so, thinking about your thought provoking items. You know, since I was a baby...literally...singing excited me. I was watching American Idol the other day and while I am too old for that, maybe I could be the next (wht was that woman's name who wowed them on t.v. with her surprising voice? cannot think of her name but just excellent).

I also find that when i am sketching a garden, a room or a pc. of furniture or something to scale and planning how to make an addition or remodel or something that time FLIIIIIIIIIIIES! You know the feeling.

I like listening and critiquing speakers, books, movies, etc. and have opportunity to interact also. Adrenaline goes wild. Kinda scarey but like it apart from anxiety. I enjoy taking and digitalizing photos, writing poetry or stories, drawing, remaking my clothes to save a buck or two.

Well, that is what first springs to mind. Thanks again for replying, Greta. BTW, i am not much of a groupie, but what about this Hanging out with Barbara? Not aware of it. No success team here; I used to be a member though. I ran outa steam for getting one going; I suppose I better generate some more.
p.s. No, I dont think I am a scanner; my heart breaks for the things I did not push the final button on.

Re: Looking for mentor-life coach

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:16 am
by Greta
Hi Jaydee,
Glad to here from you. So if you don't know Hanging Out then take a look here:
Especially if there is no success team in your area, this might be the next best thing for you. Although, have you checked in the "Informal Success Teams" forum? Somebody posted about an online team in December. Maybe you can join them or start one of your own.

I think I know which woman you mean... Susan Boyle of Britains got Talent, right? That was quite amazing. You're right. I think you could absolutely be the next Susan Boyle. Do you live in the UK or is there an America got talent? Maybe there is also a local event that you could get started with? Like an open mic night?

In general, what would you expect from a life coach? Are you trying to figure out with which of your interests you can make a living or is that not an issue for you anymore? It sounds to me like your life should be quite full with all your different passions. So what is the problem?

Re: Looking for mentor-life coach

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:41 am
by educguess

The boards dynamic is to minimize self-promotion out of respect for the community here and avoid the "spamming" that could occur.

Put your current wish/obstacle up and you will get lots of support on the board. What is today's passion, strongest interest. If you take steps and change your mind that is ok too. You have a different desire for living then your current experience. So what experience do you want? You do not have to take it at a pace that you previously pursued. Take it at a pace that resonates with you now.

The very best to your continued life adventure!

Re: Looking for mentor-life coach

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:06 pm
by Jaydee
Checked out the Hanging out w. Barbara.... and found it way too expensive for my blood. :shock: :jawdrop:

Re. why i want to locate a life coach:
Well, suffice to say I thank you for coming at last to my aid and informing me that I had asked my question in the wrong place. Darn glad I wasn't facing a crisis or something cuz sure enuf I woulda died by now. :bash: LOL

Re. what I need a life coach for:
to coach me on how to live my life...observing the aforementioned somewhat tragic outcomes in my life, I should like them to help me get a new perspective in some cases and/or move off the dime. You know, even the mentors need mentoring. I enjoy a wonderful perspective of others' needs, but I cannot heal myself.

TY, Greta, for your attention to me. :) I am going to re-post in the wish-obstacle section :arrow: . Yes! ty...Susan Boyle!
Blessings! U too, Educguess

Re: Looking for mentor-life coach

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:12 pm
by Elaine Glimme
Hanging Out costs $215 for a year's subscription. For that you get three messages a week and an opportunity to write comments with each message and receive answers (sometimes from Barbara Sher, sometimes from other subscribers) to your messages. It's actually cheap for what you get. But if that's too expensive, then you probably won't be able to afford to pay a mentor.

You might find someone who wants to be a coach and is willing to coach someone for free to get his/her feet wet. But you have to take his/her wishes into account and not expect unlimited free/cheap coaching sessions.

Other free options, as I see it, are to host an idea party or become part of an informal success team, or enlist a friend and be accountable to each other. For how to do idea parties or success teams, go to the Hanging Out website and look for the free stuff.

It's easiest if you have friends who would like to be part your team/party. You can talk to each other in person instead of by computer. You have access to more people via the computer. Senior centers, libraries, and your own circle of friends are good places to find people to be part of your network.

You said you're good at listening to other people. That's an important skill for what you want to accomplish.

I'm out of ideas. Good luck.