Idea Party Invitation help

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Idea Party Invitation help

Postby Colleen K. » Tue May 01, 2007 1:08 pm

Hi Everyone, Just wondering how the Idea Party Invitation works for you. I am running my first team meeting and am a little confused by the wording on the invitation we received in our materials. The headline reads: "What will I be serving? Solutions" So, what should you bring? Problems" Yet, in the body copy it says the opposite, "We'll be asking everyone at the party to brainstorm solutions to specific problems." Am I missing something? Do any of you use an invitation for the idea party that is different than the one we received in our materials? Would you be willing to share? I look forward to your ideas and advice. Thanks in advance. Colleen Kilpatrick Milford, Michigan
Colleen K.
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Postby pattyn » Tue May 01, 2007 2:20 pm

This was one of my most successful Idea Party invitations. See below for one used for a Success Team Week 7 Idea Party. ===================== You're Invited to an Idea Party! ===================== Idea Party, Sunday, November 13 from 3:30 to 7:00 pm -- the last one before your New Year's resolutions. There's no charge. Just bring a wish, an obstacle, and some food to share with the people who will help you make your wish come true. Please RSVP ASAP if you'd like to come, and I'll send directions. If you haven't been to an Idea Party yet, they are a way to make your wildest wishes come true. As Barbara Sher writes, "Isolation is the dream-killer." If your dreams are dying, get out of your cave and come talk to some other people about them. If your family isn't supportive, bring your wishes here, because we have no fear -- if you want it and it's not against the law, we want it for you. Bring one of your wishes -- something you'd love to do, somewhere you'd love to live, a new career you wish existed, a business you'd like to launch, any change you want in your life -- and an obstacle that's standing in your way. We'll put a bunch of people with a dizzying array of past experiences and contacts to work brainstorming a way around, over, or through your obstacle. Know anyone who's especially creative, who solves problems easily, or who's done a lot of different things in their life? Please forward this invitation to them. I promise they'll have a great time with the crazy variety of wishes others bring, and they are welcome to bring their own wish and an obstacle, too. Bashful or without transportation? Bring someone with you. We welcome all guests age 16 or older. PLEASE FORWARD THIS INVITATION TO ANYONE ELSE YOU THINK MIGHT BE INTERESTED, BECAUSE IT'S THE VARIETY OF PEOPLE THAT MAKE THESE WORK SO WELL. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This is one written by a Success Team member for a Week 7 Idea Party: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ When: Monday, July 03, 1:00pm to 5:00pm Where: Doylestown We're having an Idea Party and you're welcome to join us! I and the other members of our Barbara Sher Success Team have reserved a pavilion in a park near Doylestown, with plenty of room for children to play while the adults talk. See some old friends and meet new ones as we brainstorm on achieving dreams. During part of the afternoon, the four members of our team will explain the dreams/goals/projects that they're working on and then ask for brainstorming help. Then you and the other guests can toss out any ideas or information that occur to you. Hence an "IDEA PARTY"! The results can be just amazing. If *you* have an idea or project you've always wanted to pursue, no matter how large or small, no matter how outlandish you think it is, you just may find the answers you're looking for. After the team brainstorms, we will have time for some of our guests to share a project/dream, to get fresh ideas and new information from the rest of the group. Many guests at Idea Parties come away with clear, easy ways to get things that always seemed out of reach. Please RSVP to xxxx@xxxx by July 01 if you'd like to attend, and I'll send you detailed directions to the location. Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think might enjoy this brainstorming party. This is a potluck picnic, cold food only, so be sure to let me know what food and/or beverages you plan to bring. (We're all contributing, so please don't try to bring enough to feed the whole gathering yourself!) The party STARTS PROMPTLY at 1pm and goes until 5'ish. See you there!
- Patty Newbold
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