New Success Team Leader in Minneapolis/St. Paul

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New Success Team Leader in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Postby Twin Cities Success » Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:27 pm

Hi, everyone! I'm happy to introduce myself as the new (second) Success Team leader in the Twin Cities metro area, here in frozen Minnesota. My name is Jennifer Nagel, and I bring a lifetime of being a Scanner to the job. :) I've worked in many different careers, ranging from voice-over actor to private investigator to proofreader to handmade glass art sales rep. I've happily worked for the last four years as a desktop publisher for a local health department. In the past six months, I have begun learning how to play guitar, and have written lyrics to 14 songs. I love coming up with ideas, grabbing the reins, and running with my dreams! I've heard quite a few people say they wish they had the courage to try so many new things, or that they knew what they even wanted to go after in their lives. After years of empathizing and encouraging, I have finally decided to do what I've been thinking about for years and become a Success Team leader. This will help me formalize the searching and attaining process and teach it to people who want to know what they really love and then go get it. I've been a huge fan of Barbara for many years, having bought her "I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was" when it first came out about fifteen years ago, and all her other books since then. I've also attended two of her live seminars. It's amazing how energizing she is, and yet how down to earth and just plain REAL! We all have doubts and fears about our abilities, and low-energy days, and grumpy moods, and with Barbara, we know it's okay--we can be grumpy, doubtful, and tired, and still work to achieve what we love. Glad to have this chance meet everyone! I am in the process of gathering together my first, free Success Team members, and can't wait to post updates as we move forward. I hope to begin in the next couple of weeks. More then, Jennifer Nagel
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