a great idea for photographers

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a great idea for photographers

Postby DoYourDream » Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:47 pm

I hosted an Idea Party last week in West Vancouver, British Columbia with 25 eager participants and one woman who loves photography wanted help with her idea. She has seen so many homeless people who have pets and these pets are family, so she wants to take photos of of these people and their pets together and give it to them as a gift. For many it will be like a "family photo". The feedback was incredible... she could tie in with a dog food company who would provide bags of food for the pet, large photographic stores would probably donate the pictures for all the free publicity they would get in return, she could get animal hospitcals to supply free basic examinations, do a calendar with a corporate sponsor and the money raised could pay for vaccinations, etc. for their pet. She could get newspaper articles written and TV stories done because it's gives people such a warm fuzzy feeling. Everyone absolutley loved the idea and I'm sending out a follow up and know they'll come back with even more ideas for this project. This reminds me of the type of project Barbara did with the Kilim Women and a wonderful reminder, if you see a situation that can be improved, then you be the chance to make it happen.
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