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Postby wendywhite » Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:26 pm

Have you ever gotten really excited about a goal or dream and then crashed HARD a few days later? Did you blame yourself? Feeling that you just weren't disciplined or motivated enough? That you weren't good enough to make things happen? And, maybe, you even convinced yourself you didn't really want it after all? If so, join the club!

Isolation is the dream killer. NOBODY accomplishes their goals alone. That’s why we all know countless people whose dreams fell by the wayside-because they bought into the myth that they were supposed to do everything alone. Everyone needs support, ideas and accountability to get the big stuff done.

You don't need more self-discipline or a better attitude. You need a team on your side. A Success Team, in fact.

A Success Team is a group of 5-6 people that will give you extraordinary support, creative ideas, structure, and accountability once a week for eight consecutive weeks. You’ll take tons of steps towards your dreams, whatever they are. Your goals can be career related or personal, large & life changing, or small, but significant. It doesn't matter whether your goal is to find love, switch careers, start a new business, or move to a foreign country, you’ll learn how to get it. Your team mates and I are not going to let you get stuck and give up this time. Unlike your family and friends, we don't care WHAT you want, only that you get it.

I'll be starting a new team in January, 2014. We'll meet for eight consecutive weeks for two hours in a lovely space in Middlebury, VT. By Valentine's Day, you will have reached the first milestone on your way to something wonderful. And you will be cheering your team mates for what they have accomplished toward their big dreams.

The Success Team workshop includes eight professionally facilitated sessions, the Success Teams manual, and an Idea Party on week seven. Teams are intentionally small, and seats fill up on a first come first served basis. Workshop fee is $300. Spaces are limited and teams fill up quickly, so don't wait! For more information and to register, please visit my blog or email me at wendywhitewakefield<at>

Looking forward to meeting you on the team!
Wendy White
(802) 349-3428
Middlebury, VT

It's the difference between wishing you could do something and getting something done. -Barbara Sher
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