Looking for 1-3 members for Online Success Team

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Looking for 1-3 members for Online Success Team

Postby allicewl » Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:50 pm

Hello, guys. I need a partner for success, maybe even two or three. I'm a sensitive, but not overreacting person, compassionate, logical and self-organized. Obviously not perfectly self-organized, otherwise I wouldn't be here:) My passions are poetry, singing, writing (both fiction and non-fiction), and stand-up comedy. I need weekly 30-minutes online colloquiums by skype, and short daily reports about plans realization. Sure, I'm ready to provide the same to a partner (or partners).

Gender, or country, or place doesn't matter. Same interests are not vital too, but If our interests intersect somewhere, it's great. But I really care if a person is supportive and punctual. If you doubt write me or not, we can just try and see, what it will come to:D
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