Seeking Informal Success Team - Phila-Bucks County, Pa.

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Seeking Informal Success Team - Phila-Bucks County, Pa.

Postby expatana » Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:19 pm

Hello again, I'm seriously looking for 5 people to work with. Here's my ideal vision of the Team: - "Fast Track" Team for those who already know what they want - must have already read Wishcraft and ready to go through steps, if you've not already done so - open to taking steps suggested by other authors or teachers, if viable (this would be an *informal,* non-paying Team) - Team for those trying to achieve a goal within one year - Team of those with *somewhat* similar goals: live part of or all year in Europe; obstacle: EU ... what I call a "Specialty Team" - Meet at least once a week for a year at most. Some members will achieve goal earlier and drop off, replaced by others - Willing to accept phone-in teammates if everyone agrees - open to virtual Team if I get a group together from different areas - must be extremely determined to make dream happen Wow! I get tingly thinking about this kind of Team! But ... being the Rosie Realistic of these boards, I know I'm not going to get this form of Team. So ... Does anyone live in this area who'd be willing to meet at least once a week for a determined, fast-track Wishcraft Team? Any dream will do. I'm really, really, in need of a good Team and can't presently afford the formal variety. Thanks, Ana
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Postby Heather Duggan » Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:34 pm

A couple quick suggestions: * I get most of my team members off of craigslist (rather then directly off these boards). If you don't have a local one, any widespread local online resource might work. * I don't know what team leader is near you and what their policies are, but I give steep discounts to people who can't afford the full price. Your local team leader might be willing to do the same.
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