Official Los Angeles Success Team

Find each other here and set up your own informal Success Teams. Registered leaders will visit and can be asked questions.

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Official Los Angeles Success Team

Postby Miss Jane » Sat Sep 02, 2006 11:45 am

\"Get A Team And Go For Your Dream!\" Greetings LA Dreamers! I support and respect all of you working at putting together Informal Teams. Organizing a Success Team is not a simple task. Then Implementation imbued with Quality Content comes in to play and many Informal Success Teams are challenged. I do this rewarding work as a profession and therefore I want make sure you are aware of the formation of Official Success Teams in case you are ready to make the commitment to being on a Team. We all prosper from the support of \"like minded others.\" My own personal Success Team has been meeting for 3 productive years. I invite you to head on over to the \"Registered Success Team Leader\" Board and read about the current Official Success Team that has been announced. As always, if you would like to be on the Success Teams LA Mailing List to be informed of future Success Team Announcements or be invited to any public Idea Parties, then simply contact me at the address below. Meanwhile, make sure you \"Do Somethings You Love\" today! Regards, Jane Meade
Jane Meade
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Success Teams LA!
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