NYC Certified Teams (There is only one NYC Certified Leader)

Find each other here and set up your own informal Success Teams. Registered leaders will visit and can be asked questions.

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NYC Certified Teams (There is only one NYC Certified Leader)

Postby NYCTeamLeader » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:19 pm

Hi, Everyone,
I'm Andrea, Barbara Sher's Assistant for the past 16 years, and the only Certified Success Team Leader in NYC, all boroughs, meaning that I've been trained by Barbara Sher and use materials that only certified leaders have access to. I've run over 50 NYC Success Teams and what a thrill it has been to see so many people moving so beautifully into making their dreams happen!
I run teams throughout the year. The Success Team starting October 12 is full, and I plan to start another in January. Anyone interested should email me at to be added to my email list, which will also put you on my newsletter list, so you'll get a fun free newsletter towards the beginning of each month.
I hope to meet you in the future and have you in one of my Certified Teams.
Remember what Barbara Sher says: "Isolation is the dream killer" and "Praise makes us brave". If you've been trying to figure out and accomplish your goals alone and have not been able to, it isn't your fault. We humans are social beings, designed to work best with support and structure, and the program Barbara Sher designed that I run works beautifully to give you just what you need to really get your dreams going.
Take care, Andrea
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