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(Scroll to the bottom for information about my Write/Speak program) JANUARY, 2007: LOS ANGELES, CA THE LEARNING ANNEX Sunday, January 21st, 2007, 2-5pm I'll be doing an afternoon workshop called REFUSE TO CHOOSE. All details are at SAN DIEGO, CA THE LEARNING ANNEX Monday, January 22nd, 2007, 6:45-9:30pm I'll be doing an evening workshop called REFUSE TO CHOOSE. All details will are at MARCH, 2007: ALBANY, NY WMHT Saturday, March 31st, 2007, 1-4pm I'm doing the followup workshop for two of my public TV specials, \"Refuse to Choose,\" and \"Creating Your Second Life After 40.\" For information, contact APRIL, 2007: DENVER, CO KRMA Saturday, April 14 AND Sunday, April 15th, 2007, 2-5pm. I'm doing the same workshop, \"Refuse to Choose\" on both days. For details email SCANNER'S RETREAT IN CORFU, GREECE Four-Day Scanner's Retreat, Corfu, Greece, Tuesday evening, April 24 to Friday noon, April 27, 2007. Tuition: $1300 Enrollment limited to 10. Travel and accommodations are not included. AUGUST, 2007 MEMPHIS, TN. WKNO Saturday, August 4 WKNO will air 3 of my PBS specials and I'll do live pledge drive appearances at the station throughout the day. For information, email David McDonald at SEPTEMBER, 2007 SCANNER'S RETREAT IN PUGLIA, ITALY Five-day Scanner Retreat in Puglia, Italy September 26 - 30 Wed evening, Sept 26 to Sun noon, Sept 30, 2007. Tuition: $2000, Early Bird by July 15: $1600 Enrollment limited to 15. Travel and accommodations are not included. See for photos and information. OCTOBER, 2007 HARTFORD, CT CPTV Friday, October 12 8-10pm I'll be doing a live pledge visit during the airing of my PBS special, \"Refuse to Choose\". There will be a follow-up workshop on March 8, 2008, 1-4pm. For details about the workshop, email NOVEMBER, 2007 NEW YORK CITY, NY THE LEARNING ANNEX Thursday, November 8, 6:45-9:30pm WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU REALLY HAPPY? This new workshop by Barbara Sher will show you things you never understood about the nature of happiness and how to find lasting happiness for yourself. No, it's not about positive thinking, trying to be happy, or believing the glass is half full. The only aphorism you'll hear about is Popeye's: \"I yam what I yam.\" In fact, Barbara's methods aren't like anything you've heard before. You'll learn to use 'H-Levels' to hone in on what will really make you happy, and you'll be able to use this simple technique for the rest of your life. You'll also get exciting new insights into what you are really feeling, and how to deal with your emotions. FOR DETAILS AND TO REGISTER, VISIT DECEMBER, 2007 HARTFORD, CT CPTV Wednesday, December 5 8-10pm I'll be doing a live pledge visit during the airing of my PBS special. There will be a follow-up workshop on March 8, 2008, 1-4pm. For details about the workshop, email 2007-2008 WRITE/SPEAK PROGRAM: FIRST PROGRAM: January 07 - April 08 SECOND PROGRAM: October 07 - December 08 Barbara Sher’s Write/Speak Program: HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY For years, after every one of my workshops people come up to me and say, \"Barbara, I've found my dream! I want to do what you do!\" To help them, I've scribbled down the system I've developed and sent them off to do the best they can. But I knew they needed more. A lot more. People who dream of helping the world through writing and speaking need a guiding hand, a mentor to show them the way. When I began teaching people how to find their dreams and make them real over 30 years ago, I was treading on new ground. The career I wanted didn't exist yet, and I invented it as I went along. Since then I've published 7 bestsellers, spoken to hundreds of audiences and been on national TV many times. My secret? Knowing exactly what I wanted my audiences to understand and knowing how to turn that message into a clear and readable book. I believe we must develop and use our gifts -- that we owe our special abilities and the lessons we've learned to the world. If you have a story to tell, a message that will help the rest of us, we need to hear it. And I want to show you how to say it. If you missed the first program, be sure to sign up for at least Part I of the second, which starts in October or November of 2007. WRITE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY PART I Finding your voice and your mission. Basics and practice of the technology you'll need for this program and for a successful career. 1-Day Teleconference workshop: Saturday, December 8, 2007 11am - 5pm. (ET) Tuition: $325. WRITE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY, PART II Designing your book, launching your speaking career: 5-Day Retreat: 6 PM Sunday, January 20 - 12 PM Friday, January 25 An Inn in S.C. (We'll have the Inn to ourselves.) Tuition: $2800 Enrollment limited to 15. Fee is for tuition only. Travel and accommodations are not included. Email Barbara if you have questions. WRITE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY, PART III Writing your book, marketing your speaking gigs. One session per month 12-Session Telecourse: February, 2008 to January, 2009 $4200 tuition includes ongoing personal work with Barbara. Enrollment limited to 9 Each telephone session is 90 minutes long at 9 PM (ET) Dates to be announced. NOTE: Part III will soon be available online for independent study. The number of participants will be much larger, the cost will be much less. Your deposit for the retreat is refundable if you notify me at least 20 days before the program begins, minus a $100 fee for processing. After that, refunds will only be given if I am able to fill your place or feel the retreat is not right for you. Unrefunded fees can be applied to future programs. TO LEARN MORE, GO TO PLEASE CHECK BACK TO THIS TOPIC FOR FURTHER UPDATES. ***
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