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ALL DETAILS ON SCANNER AND WRITESPEAK RETREATS AND PROGRAMS AT http://WWW.GENIUSPRESS.COM MARCH 24, 2009 WISHCRAFT'S 30 BIRTHDAY BASH With contests and videos and prizes for all winners (such as free telephone Idea Parties, a first edition signed copy of Refuse To Choose, and a free telephone session with Barbara). For details, go to and be sure to get on her mailing list soon: sign up at *** APRIL 19-24, 2009, SOUTH OF TOULOUSE, FRANCE SCANNERS RETREAT (details at *** JUNE 13, 2009, HARTFORD, CT CPTV Workshop, 1-4pm "Creating Your Second Life After 40". For info about tickets, email *** AUGUST 11, 20, AND 30th. I'm doing 3 teleclasses on "Resistance and Procrastination", with the proceeds going directly to an animal sanctuary, The classes are $10 each and they are not a series, so you can do one or all three. Feel free during the classes to ask questions and make comments. Registration and details here: Dates and times: Tuesday, August 11, 9-10:30pm Eastern Standard time (NYC) Thursday, August 20, 9-10:30pm Eastern Standard time (NYC) Sunday, August 30, 2-3:30pm Eastern Standard time (NYC) *** SEPT 9, 2009 Hamburg, Germany LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE Wednesday, Sept 9 Evening-Workshop 7pm to 10 pm Information and Registration: *** SEPT 11, 2009 Frankfurt, Germany HOW TO GO FROM WISHES TO A LIFE YOU LOVE Friday, Sept 11, 7:30pm An evening with Barbara Sher Location: Ökohaus Kasseler Str. 1a Frankfurt The cost is Euro 15,00 and reservations for this evening are not necessary. *** SEPT 12, 13, 2009 Frankfurt, Germany Weekend workshop: NEW SKILLS FOR ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS Saturday/Sunday, 10am-5pm For prices and place reservations: frankfurter ring e.v. Oeder Weg 43 60318 Frankfurt Tel.: 069/51 15 55 (Mo-Fr 10-18 Uhr) Fax: 069/51 22 20 eMail: Internet: *** SEPT 17, 2009 Zurich, Switzerland VISION SUMMIT - a conference with well known speakers: Barbara Sher, Clemens Kuby, Peter Spiegel, Matthias zur Bonsen and others. 9 am - 5 pm. Barbara Sher is doing the introductory lecture in the morning and a two hour workshop in the afternoon. Information under: *** SEPTEMBER 22-27, 2009, CORFU, GREECE SCANNERS RETREAT All details and registration info are here: *** OCTOBER 9, 1-2PM EST RADIO SHOW I'll be featured on a radio show on Friday, October 9th: " A New Way to Handle Absolutely Everything", with Elese Coit To listen on Friday at 1 pm Eastern time (10am Pacific time) go to <> and click LISTEN NOW. Listeners can also dial in live toll free on 1 877 230 3062 to be part of the show. Later- You can listen to the show here: http://contacttalkradio.soundwaves2000. ... 100909.mp3 *** OCTOBER 24, 2009 NEW WRITE-SPEAK PROGRAM BEGINS WriteSpeak Part 1: 6-hr Teleworkshop, August 8, 2009 (This teleworkshop is prerequisite for attendance at the retreat. More dates will be scheduled, so if you can't attend this date, email Barbara.) WriteSpeak Part 2: 5-day Retreat in Saluda, North Carolina, November 6 - 11, 2009 All details and registration are here: *** TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2009, 2PM PST, 5pm EST RADIO SHOW with Laura lavigne, one hour Here's Laura's description: Laura Lavigne, student and fan of Barbara, is hugely excited to welcome her to her weekly radio talkshow. During this exclusive one hour interview, Laura will talk with Barbara about ...Barbara! Laura, following a swift kick in the butt by Barbara six years ago is now a full time life coach and public speaker. Expect an unrehearsed, exciting and warm exchange between them. Llnk to Barbara's Interview: *** NOVEMBER 6 - 11 WRITE-SPEAK RETREAT WriteSpeak Part 2: 5-day Retreat in Saluda, North Carolina, November 6 - 11, 2009 All details and registration are here: *** ALL DETAILS ON SCANNER AND WRITESPEAK RETREATS AND PROGRAMS AT http://WWW.GENIUSPRESS.COM *** 2010... DECEMBER 31, 2009 - JANUARY 1, 2010 I'm just beginning to set up another 24-hour, global Twitter & Teleconference Idea Party. To learn more about the last one, go to and download the eBook. You'll see a sample of what happened. It's wonderful! But no one should try to stay on for 24 hours this time! Just come in when your part of the world is awake (that's why I make Global TWIPs 24 hours long: so everyone can come.) So go out and celebrate New Year's Eve if that's your thing, sleep in the next day if you've danced all night, and then come on it. We'll be there. We won't be coordinating teleconference calls to accompany Twitter this time, because the production was way too hard and we needed dozens of plucky volunteers -- though it came off swimmingly -- but I think Twitter will work just fine on its own. IF YOU'RE NOT ON MY MAILING LIST YOU MIGHT MISS THE DETAILS AS THEY COME IN. Head over to and sign up. No spam and I don't send newsletters very often - just when I want to announce something you might not want to miss. *** Saturday, JANUARY 16, 2010 WRITE-SPEAK TELEWORKSHOP 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. *** Thursday, JANUARY 21, 2010 6pm Pacific US coast time, 9pm East coast US time. TELESEMINAR: “I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew How to Network!: Your Top Career Networking Questions Answered by Author Barbara Sher. With Host Darrell Gurney” Hear the author of the 30-year best-selling career book “Wishcraft” address your questions about effective networking on January 21, 2010. This limited-seating FREE teleseminar will clarify the quickest and most effective ways to effect career transitions in tough times. The masses are scouring the online job boards but the savvy are tapping into the power of relationships. Barbara Sher’s concepts of “brainstorming” and “barnstorming” have helped her readers network into careers they love for over three decades. Register now and ask your top networking question of Barbara Sher at This call is limited to the first 150 registrants, so sign up right away! *** Thursday, FEBRUARY 4, 2010 LEARNING ANNEX WORKSHOP, NYC 'How to Create Your Second Life After 40" 6:45pm-9:30ish For details go here: Use this special discount code for $10 off admission: BARBARA *** Saturday, FEBRUARY 6, 2010 WRITE-SPEAK TELEWORKSHOP 11-5pm *** FEBRUARY 12-17, 2010 WRITE-SPEAK 5-DAY RETREAT in NEW YORK, NY *** FEBRUARY 25TH Starting at NOON on the US WEST COAST and 3pm on the US EAST COAST. "Debunking the Myths of Success " with Barbara Sher and Michael Neill. <> To speak with Barbara live on air, phone: Inside the US (Toll free) 1-866-254-1579. From the UK and outside the US 001-760-918-4300 *** APRIL 6-11 2010 SCANNER RETREAT - FRANCE - SOLD OUT *** MAY 7 - 12, 2010 WRITESPEAK RETREAT IN SALUDA, NC *** JULY O9 -11, 2010 BIGCHEAPWORKSHOP WEEKEND IN NY (For Scanners and everyone else) ***
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