Hiding your age in resumes

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Re: Hiding your age in resumes

Postby akshaysou » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:35 am

Age is really no creiteria for a job rather its skill set what the companies are seeking these days.
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Re: Hiding your age in resumes

Postby Jason » Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:21 pm

Employers don't even need to ask, scour your resume, or look at you.

They simply Google your name, and one of the top results will show your age - for free - so any company, big or small, can discriminate against you without you ever knowing.

Some sites I've found myself on, and others I know, not only show age and birth date, but also list political party affiliation, religious beliefs, and home and vehicle values - for free. No subscription.

They then tease you to subscribe by putting a red flag near some heading like, "Liens, Judgements, Lawsuits" and saying some of these have been found for the person you're viewing. Most people, not everyone, will have this red flag.

If you have a mortgage or home equity loan you have a lien; If you're divorced, you have a lawsuit. But by piling them together, it gives the impression you have bad credit, are a deadbeat, or are suing everyone you meet.

This is on top of seeing your age.

You'll find that many of the smaller companies that are hiring, and start-ups, have pictures of their 'team' on their website. You'll find that the 'team consists of 5-50 people who are thirty and under.

So you can be clever with your resume, but it's not the old days where they'd have to invite you in for an interview before they get to play 'guess the applicant's age'. Now, you just don't get the invite.
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