Craig’s List Jobs: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

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Craig’s List Jobs: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Postby katchal » Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:57 pm

A few months ago, I tried to hire some data entry help for my little startup and posted the gig on Craig's List. One night after reviewing a few dozen of the clueless responses (and after a couple of glasses of wine) I wrote a rant on my blog to share the perspective of the person on the OTHER side of the job posting.

I think it can be helpful insight for people who are looking for a job. Having been on the other side of the hiring process a few times, I definitely approach applying for jobs differently than I did at the beginning of my career.

Anyway, here's a link to the blog post - hope some will find it helpful: ... n-a-crowd/

Yeah, yeah - I don't need to hear about how I'm such a mean bitch for not liking some of the applicants or for expecting them to do weird things like actually reading the job posting.

(Sorry the blog looks kind of ugly - some bozo in China hacked it a few months ago and I haven't had time to rebuild the design since I moved it to the new host.)
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Re: Craig’s List Jobs: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Postby lkindr » Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:30 pm

Oh, I was hoping this was about how those who advertise jobs on Craigslist can stand out from other advertisers.
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Re: Craig’s List Jobs: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Postby SquarePeg » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:09 pm

This post by Sacha Chua on hiring and managing virtual employees might interest you. ... tual-team/

Or perhaps not.

Anyway, I didn't sense any bitchiness at all in your post. If the applicant requests information that's in the ad itself, your reaction is the one I'd have. (Worse, actually.)

I do think it's important for an applicant to inquiry about salary if one is not given in certain fields. (That was not the case with your ad, though.) I recall an exchange near the end of one hour+ interview when the engineering manager asked what I'm currently making and I named it. It was clear from his reaction that I was making significantly more than him, and that I was terribly overqualified (at least salary-wise) for the position. But worst of all was the realization that we just wasted over an hour of each other's time. I'd've never answered the ad even if it was the boss's salary I was going for. Since then I've never bothered to answer an ad in which not even a salary range is given.
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Re: Craig’s List Jobs: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Postby Tituba » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:58 pm

One time I interviewed for a job on the phone with the manager. We didn't discuss salary. Then I interviewed with him in person and we didn't discuss salary. Their HR person interviewed me and I told them my range. She then told me my starting salary was at the end of the pay range for the job (and 10K over their starting salary). I tried to tell them I'd be flexiable. I had a second interview and they made a decision between me and this other candidate. They choose the other one and the manager told me is was because I wanted too much money. I found out that the person they hired left a mere four months after she was hired. You get what you pay for :)
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