Still Searching Despite Success

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Still Searching Despite Success

Postby wanderly » Wed May 29, 2013 4:43 am

Hi there,

I'm a scanner at heart and get frustrated with what feels like a lack of satisfaction. However, that 'lack' keeps me pretty driven and I've written for a cable TV show, have had non-fiction books published and am able to find freelance writing work with relative ease. And right now I also have a TV movie script being read by the head of a network.

So I feel like I should be super satisfied with work and life. But it just always feels like I'm still searching.

* I wondered about diversifying and trying something in addition to writing. Because aside from wanting something more, writing work and payments are very inconsistent. It would also be nice to be a steady contributor to my home income. Right now I stay home with the kids.

* Frustrated that I try different things all the time and nothing sticks. I feel like life as a scanner holds me back from developing sharper skills. And it's hard for me to admit, because I think it will sound shallow, but I'm afraid scanner job ideas just won't pay enough. I'm tired of making a lowish wage in comparison to my writing accomplishments and want to take a step up.

* I have endless "ideas" but don't know how to DO them and stick with them.

* I get the sense I also need to work on being content with who I am as a scanner and where things stand, but don't know where to start with that.

Thoughts? How do you get through these issues?
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Re: Still Searching Despite Success

Postby ScannerSi » Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:35 pm


Thanks for posting.

I cannot really offer you any advice but what I can say is I share your pain. Lack of satisfaction is something I deal with daily and it leads me to continually search for something new or better.

The problem I find with this is that I never know when something is worth pursuing as i have wasted so much £££ over the years with things I have jumped into. These days i'm a little reluctant to fork out for courses, educations etc.

Interestingly, you say you write? That is something I am interested in. Don't suppose you have ever considered teaching someone how to write properly? If you fancy it, I would be happily be your first student! :)

Best wishes,

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