How to find a Good-Enough Job

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How to find a Good-Enough Job

Postby BarbaraSher » Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:11 am

I get emails and comments like this one below a lot. (And I answer them as I've answered this one, further below). Some part of me wonders why people look at want ads and walk into companies with their CV in hand when they're actually looking only for gainful- not too hateful - employment. I don't even know the status of employment agencies anymore (though I used to hear great stuff about the state employment agencies, and know some successful people who got started there).

Anyway, seems to me we had some great answers to this problem here, so I'm going looking. In the meantime I've put their quest in their own words, and my responses in mine :-) because details about problems often call up solutions:

From J:
I’d love to just get that good-enough job you’re always talking about Barbara, but there’s so much competition out there at the moment from able-bodied youngsters who need it at least as much as I do and up come the usual excuses: ‘overqualified’, ‘you’ll get bored’, ‘the job needs physical stamina’, which really mean ‘we don’t want old, disabled people’. How does one stand out from the crowd – even get to a first interview – unless applying for something that will take all the qualifications and experience you have on your CV, which in turn will take over your life again? It seems like a vicious circle.

I answered:
I think you should create some alternative CVs, Jay. Leave out whatever makes them think you’re over-qualified. If they look at one and say “not enough experience in X,” just pull out the other and say, “Glad to hear you say that. Everyone else says I’m over-qualified. Here’s the rest of the CV.”

and I answered again:
If you love to greet people in a coffeeshop and bring them a sandwich, that’s great. If you’re not an actor but you love to help community theater groups and they have enough to pay you, that’s great, too. Then you can do what you love for money. (You don’t want to do what you *hate* for money, remember. That’s a job that’s not good-enough.)

But you should think outside the box. You know, back in the days I was getting good-enough jobs, or any jobs, I never once handed in a CV. I think there are ways to get jobs where you don’t compete with the entire job-seeking population. How about working for a writer in her home office? Or taking care of people’s plants and feeding their cats when they’re out of town – 5 families at $20 a day? Or(And) getting their elderly parents to doctor’s appointments. Just a part time personal assistant to a handful of relatively rich people? That could be a very pleasant good-enough job.

And no competition from young people. And no CV.
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Re: How to find a Good-Enough Job

Postby Tituba » Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:31 pm

Does CV mean resume?
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Re: How to find a Good-Enough Job

Postby SquarePeg » Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:13 pm

Yes, in this context it is. But please see this: ... resume.htm
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