Selling Tips

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Selling Tips

Postby Knight » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:19 am

Selling Tips
Can anybody think of any easy tips that make selling easier on the seller?

My tip is to try to think of things the buyer forgot to think of. For example, I work at a mattress store and whenever somebody calls in to ask a question, I always ask, "Do you know where we are located?" It is amazing how many people make phone calls without really knowing who they are calling.

And when they buy a mattress and box, I say, "Do you need a frame with that?" There is nothing quite like a shocked look on a customer's face when they reply, "Oh! I do!" As you can imagine, after the delivery guys show up is the worst time to realize they forgot something.

And last, overdeliver. It is better to say "I can have it on Wednesday" and call to tell them it is ready on Tuesday than to say "I can have it on Monday" and call them back on Monday to say it will be Tuesday instead.

I know one artist who says, up front, "I don't give deadlines." If you want his work, you will pay in advance and you will wait. No refunds. He gets away with that by being upfront and honest, being very good at what he does and having a reasonable work ethic.
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