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Job advise

Postby anton » Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:26 am

Hello, everyone!

I have just finished the book «I could do anything if I only knew what it was» and I am still struggling with making the wright choice. I am 28 with MSc diploma in communication & electronic engineering. My father suggested that field and I decided to do it, because I didn't know what other field I should go to. it was a logical choice, because back then it was a high demand of engineers.

However engineering does not really attract me so much, after graduating I went to work in administrative direction, because of higher salary. I am now working as a service manager, however it is not interesting and challenging enough. I have done tests and exercises that were in a book, my answers are as follows:

Hell job:

No development
Low salary
Routine, no analysis
Far from home (1.5 hours travel or more)
Colleagues with no ambitions

Heaven job:

Career development
Problem solving
Different tasks and 20% or less of routine
High salary
Friendly colleagues with ambitions, creative thinking.

In free time I like weight-lifting, running, watching movies, pc games (rarely) – obviously I don’t like it that much to be a fitness instructor or movie critic. I used to play basketball, but stopped about 4 years ago after second knee operation (I don’t think I am a type of character that is described on chapter 12 – «I have lost my big dream – there’s nothing left», since I was average in basketball and I just moved on to more important things – career and education).

I am thinking to do courses of financial management to secure my finances in future and maybe use it to become an entrepreneur in 3 years time. However I would really love to find a passion for something, therefore I hope you can give me some advise.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Job advise

Postby SquarePeg » Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:38 pm

Hi anton, I am an engineer. (Isn't this sort of how introductions sound at AA meetings?)

Your heaven job sounds a bit like my job, depending on what you consider high for a salary. But there are definitely some engineering jobs that also fit the Hell description, too.

You're lucky because you have a great technical degree that will attract employers who need "Problem Solvers." And I think employers would assume that someone who has gone through an engineering program unscathed would desire career development. Being an engineer is a lot like being a shark -- we must always move forward. Otherwise we die. Hence, career development.

Do you know that there are clay modelers who create life-size models of cars? Yes, out of clay. It's because automotive designers want to see a full size replica of the car design rather than rely on a CAD program rendering. I personally don't know anyone with this job. And in fact I read about it in the auto section of a newspaper. But this just popped into my head as a possible pursuit.

Another is puppetry. I'm not talking sock puppets, here. I was at a university open house (fine arts department, actually) that had a program in puppetry, but it was extremely cross-disciplinary. The puppets are mechanized for use in movies or perhaps exhibits.

All while writing this I've been trying to remember the demand for engineers that you say occurred about 10 years ago. Maybe I was sick that week. ;)
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