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Postby laraspc » Fri May 25, 2001 8:47 am

Thanks all for the nudges. About writing, too--I've read various suggestions on the topic and it's all true: it comes down to...(oh, the cliche' of it!) JUST DO IT. Do it when you don't feel like it (especially) and when there's no time--it's your future, it's important, and if you don't do it, "writing" will just be one more thing on top of the "dreams I never tried" heap. My mom, who left us 4 years ago, just reminded me of that. OK, so I'm a little depressed. But, HEY, the weather's beautiful and there's a room to clean and a three day weekend coming. But FIRST, a cup of java on the deck! You're all invited! (Barbara Ling--thanks for the site) ------------------ LauriJean
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Postby chelydra » Fri Aug 03, 2001 4:44 am

For Canadian professional speakers, there's CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), which serves "professional trainers, facilitators, and keynoters." http://www.canadianspeakers.org Chapters are located in most major cities across the country. Each chapter holds a monthly meeting featuring--you guessed it--a speaker on a topic of interest to professional speakers (everything from platform skills to marketing your services). Nationally, there's an excellent monthly newsletter, a directory of members that's sent to meeting planners all over North America, and an annual conference. There may also be a mentoring program. Professional speakers I know have said that it's one of the easiest professions to get into (no credentials are needed, for example), but one of the hardest to *stay* in. One thing many budding speakers aren't prepared for is the marketing that must be done, and done constantly, at least for the first few years (eventually, if you're good enough, much of your business with come from repeats and referrals). Here are a couple of resources that many have found extremely helpful: "Going for Gold: A Complete Marketing Strategy for Speakers" by Cathleen Fillmore and Susan Sweeney. See www.speakersgold.com for ordering information. (The site also offers a free e-mail newsletter, and one-on-one coaching services to help beginning speakers get started.) "Speak and Grow Rich" by Dottie Walters, who was a successful speaker before most of us were born. Along with her daughter (a speaker in her own right) and others, Dottie has also put out a number of other books, as well as several tapes. Go to www.amazon.com and search on her name, and then follow the link to "See all 16 results in Books." (And after perusing that sub-page, check out the panel that runs down its right-hand side, labelled "Listmania!" Here, various other Amazon.com customers have submitted their lists of favourite books on the topic of professional speaking. There were 10 such lists there this morning when I checked.) Dottie's own Web address is http://www.walters-intl.com I think you'll find plenty of inspiration and encouragement from these resources. P.S. I have no financial connection with any of the organizations, people, or products mentioned above.
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