Unmanageabilities as possibilities?

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Unmanageabilities as possibilities?

Postby Robin W » Tue Nov 13, 2001 1:24 pm

Just thinking about the toilet paper I have to get on the way home. Keeping toilet paper in the house is my biggest unmanageability. I will forget it, I always do. Then we run out at some unfortunate time which makes me famous at my house! What about starting some service where you take care of others unmanageabilities...? By unmanageability I mean something that is important but not something we think about daily. When we do think about it it's usually because we have gotten caught and we then experience a negative feeling, usually embarrassment. It would be different than a concierge service because these would be the things that people don't want other people to know are issues for them. You know, those little secrets like having a drawer of unmatched socks, running out of TP, buying take out for a dinner party, having all your dirty dishes piled on the counter for days.... What are other ideas of unmanageabilities? I bet a person could have a ball coming up with some marketing ideas for something like this.
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Postby fountaine » Thu Nov 15, 2001 2:24 pm

There was and still maybe the "Rent a Wife" company that is used by people to handle certain details like shopping and shopping for parties and presents, picking up clothes at the cleaners, taking a pet to the vet,etc. Nowadays these people are often called "personal assistants." So yes, there is a market in the right region and the right groups of employed people. Also be aware that economizing will make this service among the first to go, unless the time the service saves is worth it to the client. Definately worth looking into. Someday I hope to afford a personal assistant that includes light housekeeping and a couple times a week supper prep. If it's just toilet paper thing, there are stores where I live in the Seattle area that are on-line and you can order your groceries from them to be delivered. You can do a new list everytime or a standard time. And you also delegate the job to someone else in the same house as toilet paper monitor. LK
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