job for flight attendant

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job for flight attendant

Postby sognare » Tue Jul 03, 2001 11:03 am

IF ANYONE is out there who has been a flight attendant...i have a 21 year old girlfriend - Jessica - who is interested...i know the airlines are in bad shape...but then what isn't when it comes to companies? also she loves to dance and looks like a model...may a suggestion where she can earn enough or learn enough to build on for later? grazie mille, debra/sognare
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Postby fishlady » Tue Nov 20, 2001 6:44 pm

Hi there, Just wanted to post re: your friend Jessica. I was a flight attendant a few years ago. I'm not sure what you are looking for with you post, it was a little unclear. If you are asking for info about how to become one, most major airlines have open houses in which, at one point, could have thousands of applicants. Not sure what kind of turn out they would have now, if they were even hiring. Many airlines suffered greatly in the past few months and there have been quite a few layoffs. Although, some airlines call them furloughs...they can call the employees back once things are looking better. When I was flying I was furloughed for almost a year and then called back to work. There really isn't much preparation to do for the interview process, and its usually a long process. Meaning there are multiple interviews, physicals and drug testing, in order to be offered the opportunity to go to training. And then, some airlines will tell you they won't guarantee the job in case you fail out of the training program. Her best bet to prepare would be to learn another language. It is something that they will ask and it definately helps a great deal. It would help even better if she learned a difficult language, say Cantonese. I remember it was very attractive as many of the airlines were opening up the orient for flights. It might depend on what airline she can work for. She should also develop her public speaking skills. It would help in the interviews. Although the benefits of flying are very attractive and exciting, I did get to go to so many great places. There are many drawbacks as well. When I flew, the pay was pretty bad. My friends (12) shared 1 apartment to cut costs. Now most weren't there at one time, because their schedules were always different. However, we made such little money at the time (10 years ago) we were able to qualify for food stamps. We lived in NY and there wasn't any compensation for cost of living differences between cities. We did get travel expenses and sometimes they added up, but other times it was tight. The airlines have gotten better now, and some are better than others. She should look into the pay scales on each. Another drawback for me was that once out of training, we were on what they called reserves. We filled in the extra spots on the plane when needed. Some months we worked all the time, and other times we worked below the guaranteed amount of hours (we got payed a set amount of hours even if we didn't fly). We had to call in 2x a day to check for flights and we could have been sent anywhere for X amounts of days without more than a few hours warning. It really took a toll on me. The last thing I'll bore you with is the image of how glamourous it is. It isn't. Passengers can make the flights a living hell. And most of the time we were helpless to do anything, unless it was becoming a threat to safety. We were on our feet most of the flight, with minimal breaks depending on the amount of people flying. We used to call ourselves glorified garbagemen. We were constantly picking up trash, and food. Our uniforms would become encrusted with unidentifable stuff from the trays and floors that we were always kneeling on. Although I have many more things to blab about, I don't want to bore you. But she should also know what it is she is getting into before hand. And know with all that is happening, who knows how their job will change. It has been awhile since I flew and I even thought about going back a few months ago. I changed my mind not out of fear but I figured they were not going to be too quick to hire right now. There are good things about the job and I don't want to discourage her. It is a great opportunity to travel, and meet people. I've had some great experiences and met some awesome people. Plus, I still get a kick out of telling people what I used to do. It was an eyeopener and I feel I was lucky to get a chance to do it. I would do it all again, and perhaps would have stayed longer...Maybe Image
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