The Turkish Times - in English!

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The Turkish Times - in English!

Postby MDG » Sun Feb 09, 2003 4:57 am

Searching Google for - "Turkish Times", +English - I was taken directly to Barbara's article! Do you suppose there really is a little man who knows what I like inside my computer? Anyway, I'm going to hurry back and see what else I can find. Enjoy! - MDG [This message has been edited by MDG (edited February 09, 2003).]
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Postby BarbaraSher » Mon Feb 17, 2003 6:36 pm

You found those great photos of Ortahisar, MDG! I was blown away. I think you do have a little man inside your computer. Keep telling us what he gives you! I emailed the photographer, but he didn't answer. He lives in France now, I think. For whatever that's worth.
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