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About the Silk Road...

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2003 4:18 am
by MDG
Barbara and all who are interested in the Silk Road, I saw a film of the area called Central Asia, and though it was about current day problems, the lands and people were fascinating. I do care about the problem of poppy-growing, and the incomes of the people there, but the photography of the land sparked my imagination of days gone by. This is a copy of the email I sent you June 17th, Barbara... ******************************************** I saw this film on our CBC channel last night, and couldn't help but think of you. There were the Pemir mountains, the river (can't remember its name - ends in -ange, I think) the city of Osh (sp?) and many more places that may interest you. Great wild beauty, and green places, too. Apparently this is an Australian film. The only credits I could see were the second film down the left-hand column on this page... On the following site you'll see another review of the film, with a simple map... Perhaps PBS has a copy for sale. Have you tried UNESCO for maps? They offer what they call 'small scientific maps'. Perhaps there is something here for you... Hope this brings you some new information with your morning coffee. ******************************************** ...Is anyone near a PBS store? Could you check if they have this film for sale in video form? Oh, what am I thinking? I could go to PBS websites and check for myself! Enjoy! Mahara [[July 28th: Nothing with the title "Bitter Harvest" at KCTS, Seattle store.]] [This message has been edited by MDG (edited July 28, 2003).]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 10:11 pm
by MDG
I'm lost in the world of maps! Image Here's a site that's lots of fun... Barbara, just type in - Gobi desert - and you'll get a satellite photograph. Try town names, too. Ortahisar is there! Topo is linked, but I couldn't get in. I believe they offer topographic maps. I'm off to search - Ortahisar, +balloon - somebody has flown over in a balloon. I've seen some of the photos, but not all. Back soon... Oh my goodness! Please do search - Ortahisar, +balloon - there are 95 sites and I found this in the very first one...! And this...! Enjoy! [This message has been edited by MDG (edited July 28, 2003).]

PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2003 8:05 am
by MDG
Just lighting the little lightbulb on this one. ~ Image ~