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Postby clanmother » Thu Apr 03, 2003 7:46 pm

Hello all of you - this is particularly for our friends in Turkey. Please be safe. Our arms are around all of you. If I could hug the world and make it safe and filled with peace, I would do that. I don't feel the separation from the peoples of the world as in reality we are all one. Your prayers are needed for us also. Please post so that I know you are all out of harms way. MDG I will get around to posting those poants for dye. I am in the middle of dying wool with Kool-Aid right now. It is simply breath taking. Who would have guessed. A friend shared her secret of wonderful painted wool and it was done with Kool-Aid. SEZEN: Found any needles yet? I've about given up. BARB: I want to join one of your chats. My sister is in the middle of reading your books, yes! Books in the plural. I am suffering from some kind of writers block - I think it's fear of success or money or something intangible that I need to deal with. Know that I cherish hearing from all of you.
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Postby MDG » Fri Apr 04, 2003 3:00 am

Hi, Sandra! Glad to see you! Painted wool? Kool-Aid? KOOL-AID??? WOW!!! Do you know anything about weavers' guilds? I looked the word up in the dictionary and found the concept intriguing. By surprise, I also saw on TV that in some early societies knitting was a man's occupation! It may have started with early sailors in some places. And, back in the '50's, McCalls showed a stitch that is my favorite of all time. I think it was called a 'doubleknit'. It was a stockinet stitch with every other stitch (I think) unknit, just yarn passed over the needle to form a honeycomb over the surface. It was knit in the round, and a fluff of loops was added at the cuffs and neckline. They did it in winter white, and it draped so beautifully. It was the perfect Christmas sweater. I think I still have the magazine, not even in storage. Image Would you like this pattern? I could copy it out and send it to you. I think any copyright would have expired by now, so you could perhaps use it in any way you desire. We are the keepers of our brothers and sisters everywhere, I think. Feel our arms around you, enfolding. Be well, good lady. - MDG
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