If you want to help with Barbara's dream of teaching e-commerce to village weavers in central Turkey, check in here.

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Postby MidlifeFreedom » Fri Mar 05, 2004 11:26 pm

Hi, Barbara. This is my first day on your site. When I read about these women, first I had to find out where they lived. Check out a site called This is a site in conjunction with National Geographic. They represent 2000+ artisans in a variety of venues. There is a little write-up of each artisan along with a picture of their wares. Unusal items you do not find in stores. Also, check out This lady is starting her own business in Houston. She has mostly oriental type wares, but this looks like something she would be interested in. She travels overseas 2-3 times a year on shopping trips. She used to work for an investment banker before this. Maybe she would have ideas on financing and/or shipping. Her name is Nicole Fende, I hope this helps some.
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unique fundraising website

Postby jeanne » Fri Oct 19, 2007 3:58 pm

Barbara, the website URL below might help you with your Kilim project - and might also interest others reading this board. The people there help those who want to fund-raise to help others in some way - it can be a local cause or something international. It seems a great way for someone to get started if they have a project in mind but lack financial backing to get started. Once you demonstrate interest in your project - through a base-level of 'votes' from people reading about it, the people at this website go ahead for you. And they don't take any money from what comes in - you get 100%. This site - Give - was launched by a Canadian who, as a young teen, was the youngest techie to ever work at Microsoft. He now prefers to use his talent to help others and that's why he came up with this worldwide fundraising website:
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