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Hanging Out with Barbara Sher

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Has anyone done Hanging Out - can you please tell me about it?

I was also planning on asking if Barbara Sher participates or if it is previous recordings, but I got a newsletter that answered that question.

Barbara Sher’s Newsletter
Saturday, January 4, 2020

Hi Kate,
If you’ve been part of this happy family for 6 months or more, you know all about Hanging Out. And registration is open now through January 19th for those of you who are not already members.

The big news: After eight years of Hanging Out, I’m taking a much-needed break this year to write, which means you get a price that’s $50 less than usual. You’ll still be able to read all of my comments and my replies to the questions asked over those eight years, but my Director of Sher Success Teams and book club guide, Patty Newbold, will be the one there for this year's online discussions.

Of course, you will still receive my Friday Brain Candy messages, where I share with you interesting bits of knowledge and free online resources that have fascinated me. I want to remind your brain what makes it happy or introduce it to something new. Hanging Out is what I call Identity Rehab, where you peel back the layers of ought-to’s and rediscover the want-to’s. No goals. No steps. No obstacles. Just discovering or rediscovering what truly interests you, because I believe that’s a big clue to why you were put here on this earth.

On Wednesdays, my messages to you are usually Identity Exercises: short, fun ways to look at yourself and your world a little differently. After you try each exercise, I hope you’ll share your experience and read what others discovered about themselves by trying them, too. It’s a great way to get to know the fascinating community that hangs out together in Hanging Out.

I start each week on Monday with a video or an audio clip from one of my retreats or in-person workshops. This is my change to speak to you in my own voice, looking right at you most of the time. I selected each of these very carefully. I want to set a tone for the week. I want you to explore a different part of who you are and what makes you you. Then I give you a couple of days to reflect before you receive the Wednesday and Friday messages, when I’ll ask you to take a few minutes to try something.

There are 52 weeks, three days a week, plus our final Monday, in the Hanging Out message series. You will get an email from me inviting you online to read each one and leave your comments. The real fun comes in sharing ideas and thoughts with each other, just like we did at all of my retreats. Leaving a comment is easy, like you might do on a blog or on Facebook. And you can leave a comment at any time. You can even sign up to receive new comments by email.

Patty will be reading those comments. She can provide answers to all your questions, even if she has to interrupt me because she doesn’t yet know the answer. But she’s been working with me since we met 16 years ago, so she knows my books, my workshops, and my coaching methods inside and out. I don’t expect many interruptions. And I’m sure you’ll feel right at home with Patty.

I also don’t expect you to stick to any schedule. If you don’t have time for a message, read it later. It will be there, waiting for you, as long as I can keep Barbara’s Club on the web. If you want to reply to someone’s comment, you can do it before you go to work, after you get into your pajamas, or while you eat your lunch. We’re an international community of caring, kind people who make no attempt to find a special time for communicating. The comments are there whenever you are, including eight years of comments with fascinating discussions that are already online and waiting for you.

Go sign up right now. I want you to experience this.

You can pay for the whole year at once, for a very nice savings. Or you can pay by the month. Either way, you can cancel and get a full refund for 30 days, through February 18th. I hope you won’t, but you’ll know if it’s right for you by then. If you’re paying monthly, PayPal or Stripe starts counting months right away, so we won’t let you pay the first month until January 14th, when we’re close to starting. I’ll send you a reminder then.

Want a gift certificate for a friend while the price is so low? Just scroll down on the Hanging Out page. It’s the last item before the gray Leave a Reply box. There’s a red line around it.

Hanging Out is like nothing I’ve done before. I think you’re going to like it. I also think you just might be surprised by how it affects you. Read what members have written me:

“I don’t comment often on this group, mainly because I’m savoring and reading others’ comments but don’t have something particularly interesting to say. Today I want to share with you that this post arrived precisely when I needed it.”

“I liked this story — how it took me down one road, then twisted in a surprise.”

“A year in HO has given me a desire to connect fully again with the outside world and the courage to do so is slowly building.”

“I’ve seen a real shift in understanding what it is that I truly love to do and what I’m gifted at, and now feeling able to dip my toes into taking action and doing something about it.”

“The identity exercises are steep hills, though when embraced are a breath of fresh air...just to say I like the pace of Hanging Out...it’s thoughtful and helpful and challenging...Thanks Barbara!”

“Hanging Out has been a tremendous help and support for me. There are so many amazing people out there!”

“I love that story. Beautifully and clearly shown what it was about. I’m glad, in tears, about the fact I can be here and read this and let myself be touched by someone who always followed her inner compass and wants to show me how to do that, too. And share that experience with others who want something in their lives, something wonderful. Identity Rehab. Thank you all.”

“Thank you Barbara for [Hanging Out]. My changes have been natural, seemingly subtle, yet fill me with peace inside.”

Register for Hanging Out no later than Sunday, January 19th (NY time if you’re West of us). After that, we close the doors again until July.


Barbara Sher

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