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Hooray for Barbara!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:52 am
by Gist
I've read other books and heard other people say some of the same things as Barbara. Figure out your dreams, identify emotional blocks, ask for advice on strategies, make contacts, plan backwards.

But I haven't heard other people say: It's OK if you have a lousy attitude, and aren't very organized, and sometimes get grumpy and gloomy about the whole thing! In fact, being that way now and then could actually help you! WOW! :o

This came up at our informal success team meeting. We started by reading Barbara's overview of what a success team is all about. We looked at how it's a group of people who create a structure, a system, so that now their dreams are outside of themselves.

This means there's no longer the burden of carrying the whole dream on our own. We can trade that heavy load for a light, fun, easy to carry share of other people's dreams. The cost is minimal: give a listening ear with kind acceptance, share ideas, be accountable to each other to keep going even when we don't feel rah-rah motivated. I love this great idea!

I also really admire the way each of Barbara's books expands on her core ideas, and also introduces brand new material. Some authors keep writing the same book over and over. With each of Barbara's books, we learn more about her own journey through life, and she shares brand new insights she's learned that can help other people make their dreams come true... as a team.

These are powerful ideas. They work without requiring any heroics, discipline or amazing willpower. They take advantage of human nature and channel it to so the natural genius of each person can shine through. Instead of a tedious slog or a massive to-do list, these techniques lead us to experience compassion, warmth, and laughter... and even better results than if we'd battled the to-do list in the traditional way. I'm so glad I discovered this material, and the great community of people exploring it together! Thanks Barbara!

Re: Hooray for Barbara!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:50 pm
by BarbaraSher
When this bulletin board was upgraded, most of the posts became very hard to read (at least for me) and I neglected many of them. But now, when I have some time, I go through and try to organize the text in a more readable way. I only do a few at a time, but in the process I get to read wonderful posts like this one. And I'm filled with regret I didn't answer it sooner.

Let me thank you now for saying what you've said here, Gist. It's so specific that I really understand exactly what you mean, and that's more important to me than anyone realizes. I love the way you talk about why Success Teams feel so good - how you're not carrying your dreams all by yourself. I've never heard it said that way.

And thanks for everything else you said. Made me feel really good.

I hope you'll be notified of this post and that you're still around.

And I wish I had the time to write a similar note to the many other posts I'm discovering now.