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Postby BarbaraSher » Thu Dec 20, 2001 10:03 pm

Dear Barbara, > December 20, 2001 > > > I am a long-time Wishcraft participant. I found the book in 1991 and read it > from cover to cover before I did the exercises. I had read so many self-help > books that I wasn?t very confidant that another would help. The books were on > career path identification, self-confidence, getting organized, and many more subjects. The problem was that I was looking for how to fix what was wrong > with me. But there wasn't anything wrong with me. I simply did not have the > knowledge that I had the power to create my life the way I wanted it. > > I did the exercises and had so much fun. The exercise that helped me the most was "The Ideal Day". I wrote up my ideal day and decided to incorporate what I wanted with what I had, and didn?t have. Well, five years later I had reformed > my life. I took out the paper with my ideal day on it, and was amazed at how > closely it fit how I was living. > > It doesn't stop there. I am still alive and dreaming. Things have changed in > my life. My company laid everyone off here in California a year and a half > ago. As I left the building people were crying and upset, but I was ecstatic. > I realized that now I had another chance to reform my life. > > I had already been planning for a change, but now I had the chance to follow other dreams I had. One thing I wanted was to get my college degree. I was in a night class in college when the layoff happened and realized it was my > chance to go full time. I have completed five quarters of classes now and have > only 13 or so units to go for my AA. I will finish by spring. > > I was not afraid to go for what I wanted because of what I learned in all your > books. I am now going through Wishcraft again. This time I have the knowledge that I have succeeded before and I shall again. This is not a one-time fix. It is a way of life. It is a way of living, really living. It is a never-ending > process that gives me strength and determination not to let life get me down. > > Thank you for sharing your hard learned knowledge with those of us who had no > one else to teach him or her this information. I am forever changed by your > life's work.
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