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The Telephone Idea Parties

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2003 11:17 am
by BarbaraSher
Dear Barbara: Hello, friend! Yes, yes, use [my letter on your webcast] (And don't worry about using my name.) I'm so glad you found it helpful. That in itself is another indication to me that I can indeed put my feelings "on paper"--write so that others can perceive that there is hope; there is beauty. Last night's [Tele Idea Party] was so rewarding. I do hope that Kate contacts me. I will tell Deanie Hayes that she's exploring the possibility of starting a youth ranch. I know Deanie will give her any information she can, and I suspect that there's a wealth of information there for Kate to use. Barbara, you just don't know how heartened I am by your words. I've been working for so many years, just for a paycheck, raising my children (alone). Now,I'm still struggling financially,but not as much as before, and I do think I can overcome that by starting my editing and proofreading business--that's fun, and I know I'm darned good (too bad I don't have a degree). But what is even more exciting to consider is that I can, indeed, write. My soul longs to write! I wish I had listened more closely to the lady who wants to write romance novels. I know I took notes, but I haven't yet reviewed them to see if they're adequate. I, too, want to write romance novels--in fact, I started one and thought I was doing well with it. Then, I joined MARA (Mid America RomanceWriters). That's an organization in KC, and from that, somehow, (I'm still shaking my head at this one!)I became involved in a "support" group. We met once a week, always at my house, which meant that I hurried home from work, prepared the treats, etc., etc., and then, along with three others, listed to a fourth person wax poetic about what was wrong, wrong, wrong with my writing! It was so discouraging that I just stopped. So, there's a word of caution for aspiring writers--don't always believe the naysayers, especially if they keep telling you that you can't use the word "as." Ugh. I'd love to tell that lady from last night that there are support groups, but that one has to be careful. Believing in one's self is the most important thing. And, I believe you're absolutely right--that lady should not worry about whether or not it's "good." It doesn't matter. It will be good when it's finished. I will go to your bulletin board--I'm kind of proud of myself; I'm learning about computer usage. They don't blow up when one does something wrong! Of course, something wonderful can be inadvertently erased! Thank you again. I'm so looking forward to Wednesday [night's second Tele Idea Party]. And another thing I'm looking forward to-- being my own boss; affirming my own talent! This is so great! MH