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Love the Photo

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 2:08 pm
by wpm212
Hey there Barbara - just wanted to say how much I like your new pic on the home page!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2003 3:11 pm
by BarbaraSher
Thanks! I was hoping someone would like it! But I haven't had time to peek into the bbs for awhile to check because I was getting ready to travel, finishing up a lot of things. (I'm writing this from Turkey). The photo is by one of our Success Team success stories. Mindy, in Andrea's New York Success Team has launched a new career in a few months taking photos for online personal ads. She's been written up in major newspapers and been on other media too. She's swamped, has no time, needs help (or did last time we spoke a few months ago). The perils of success. I can never find her card when I need it but she has a website...drat. Maybe I'll find it when I get back to NY or you can contact Andrea directly by emailing <> if you'd like to see Mindy's site. Thanks again for taking time to praise. You made my evening.