Can't figure out job ideas

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Re: Can't figure out job ideas

Postby Frenchmom » Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:39 am

Elaine, thank you for the information about your friend on eBay. I really should fix this subscription problem. Sorry to answer after two years... :?

I cancelled my artist business licence in july 2011 and this helped me find a job. My mind was more available and oppened to this possibility.
I was hired as a phone advisor for the tax department. Very interesting job. At first it was a two months contract but I eventually stayed 10 months with them !
This improved my confidence a lot. I had not worked in an office for 15 years, and really I felt as if it had just been a few weeks break. I couldn't stay longer though, because they had to cut on extra workers costs.

Now my dream would be to work part time in an office and part time as a portrait artist . Still thinking of it after all these years, so I think I should really find how to kickstrart this project even if I have no idea about who is going to buy a portrait in this economy. I've recently spoken with art teachers here and prospectives are very low. More teachers (3 in 2009 and at least 6 today) and less students. Starving artists are turning into art teachers and students are cutting on their hobby costs. Anyway, thank you to whoever is reading this :wink:
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