HELP!!! is there a RIGHT path and a WRONG path?

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HELP!!! is there a RIGHT path and a WRONG path?

Postby StellaNYC » Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:10 pm

Hi all!

My wish i to have a career that is fulfilling and uses my gifts to contribute to the world.
Obstacle: i believe that there is a RIGHT career and a WRONG career and it is paralyzing... :bash:

Have been reading the book and enjoying it, and keeping with my journal... that being said....
in concepts of spirituality it gets thrown around about "right life" and "purpose" and "what we came to this earth to do"

My interests like that of other scanners are varied...

1. art (drawing and painting)
2. making things (things for around the house, stuffed animals etc)
3. jewelry making
4. personal development
5. interior design
6. teaching (art, crafty things...)
7. spirituality

each of these avenues have potential careers and "legs"that i could take them in, and the fear of "picking wrong" is paralyzing.

would love to hear your thoughts!!!


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Re: HELP!!! is there a RIGHT path and a WRONG path?

Postby Elaine Glimme » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:38 pm

Hi, Stella,

Here are my thoughts.

You now have a career that you enjoy. Keep doing it. That's your "good enough" job and it sounds like it's more than just good enough.
With a good enough job paying your food and rent, you can try any or all of the other interests without feeling paralyzed. Taking a class is one way to be with other people who have the same interest and having goals for completing projects. Adult ed classes are usually inexpensive, and their time frame is usually long enough for you to get a feel for the activity without getting bored. Or if you're already good at some of those things, you could teach the class.

Also, community centers are a way to meet other people interested in the same things you are.

I like to have people around me to spur me on, but you don't really need other people to make jewelry, or draw or make stuffed animals. You just buy the necessary materials and go to it. And If you want to sell your projects, you can get a booth a local fair for about $25. Or you can sell on Etsy on the Internet.

As for spirituality, find people who have similar beliefs, meet with them, become involved with their activities - retreats, etc. By the way, spirituality can mean church, or it can mean many other things. Reading books is a form of spiritual practice. So is walking in the woods or helping kids learn to read.

I think you should go for all those things and more. Maybe one of the "legs" will grow into a career. Maybe not. I think it's the all-or-nothing idea that's paralyzing. Just don't invest so much money into any activity, that you'll feel trapped or resentful if you later decide you don't like doing it. You can make a start at most of the things you mentioned for less than $50. - $100 tops. That's less than what you'd spend for a weekend vacation. You can make a sketch for less than a dollar - one pencil or pen and a piece of paper is all you need.

One thought that is paralyzing - if you feel you have to make money from what you are doing. You probably won't make money at first, because you'll be learning your craft. Maybe you'll make money sometime down the road, maybe not. Your "good enough" job is your subsidy for your art.

Good luck.

Oops. I thought I read that you had a career that you enjoy. If you hate your job, find another. If your job is okay, but you feel that you should be doing more, keep the job - it pays the bills, and just enjoy all the other interests as time permits.

Barbara Sher would say, pick one activity that you can do right now and do it for ten minutes.
Again good luck. :D
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Re: HELP!!! is there a RIGHT path and a WRONG path?

Postby inspiresuccess » Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:34 am

Hi Stella,

I have a few questions to get more clear about where you're at.

When you say "have been reading the book and enjoying it", which book are you referring to? And is this the first time you've read it? And, what page/chapter are you on?

I've been down many spiritual paths in my life. If I had a better sense of what your spiritual journey has been so far, I might be able to help out with meshing Barbara Sher's books with your spiritual path.

Hang in there! There is no right/wrong and the more you read Barbara's books and check out this website, you'll realize that. And we're here to help you in any way we can.

GOOD FOR YOU -- for reading one of Barbara's wonderful books and for joining us here on the website. WELCOME!

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Re: HELP!!! is there a RIGHT path and a WRONG path?

Postby Grasshopper » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:52 am

Hey there.
I've just discovered the scanner book. (Thank you so much Barbara...) Like you I have found myself wondering what my 'path' is. I've also been hearing a lot about it through the yoga teachings I have been following. Maybe I have missed somewhere in the thread where you have been getting the message about finding your path from, so sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree but here is my reasoning on the dilemma...
In theory we can do everything mindfully, with the right intention and therefore make it into a spiritual practice. Therefore most things we do externally could lead us on the right path internally.
Still, that doesn't leave me quite satisfied with the life I've arranged for myself! All I can think is that discordant feeling means I'm not quite steering the right course yet.
I've been feeling a bit like following the whims, sorry, wishes, of the scanner in me is a bit of pandering to the egoic mind, but that is because I find it very hard to keep all the plates spinning and not end up with a mind whirring.
I dont think I'm being very clear but i hope that makes some sense...
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Re: HELP!!! is there a RIGHT path and a WRONG path?

Postby Elaine Glimme » Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:13 am

Hi, Grasshopper

Great name - on so many levels.

I assume you've read what other people have written on this thread.

And you want your life to matter. That's why Stella's thread touched you.

I like what the Yoga teacher said about anything done mindfully would lead you on the right path. I don't believe that there is only one path for any of us. For one thing, we grow and change.

If your path was playing professional football or dancing ballet, at age forty you'd have to make a radical change in your path. I retired a few years ago and had to make a radical change in my path. Life is like that.

My 2 cents worth - Don't worry so much about what your purpose is that you become paralyzed.

Hi Stella,

Your comments struck a chord with several of us. I hope you're doing well. I hope some of the comments were helpful to you. Thanks for posting.
Elaine Glimme - author - "Temporary Address" and "The Molly Chronicles"
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Re: HELP!!! is there a RIGHT path and a WRONG path?

Postby Vickih » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:22 pm

I don't think there are wrong paths. I believe anything important for us to learn or share will crop up many times over, regardless of where we're physically at or what we're filling our time with.

What is wrong though is doing nothing because you are fearful of getting it wrong! That is blocking everything off! Just jump into *something* and see where it takes you. Your intuition will kick in and guide you if you just start x
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