Clutter-Overweight-In Debt-Hate Job

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Re: Clutter-Overweight-In Debt-Hate Job

Postby Tituba » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:16 am

Article from I'm definitely #3

All people have clutter to some degree.

You may have a little bit of clutter sitting around--things that aren't really serving any purpose, taking up unnecessary space, gathering dust, and causing a bit of frustration.

Or perhaps you have LOADS of clutter and it's causing your life to be turned upside down--you can't find things easily, you feel like your home is bursting at the seams with STUFF, you have to climb over piles and boxes to get to anything, and you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

MOST people are somewhere right in the middle of these two situations.

For anyone who just has a little bit of clutter, have no doubt in your mind that CLUTTER GROWS, and small challenges soon turn into large issues.

BUT, here's something NEW I discovered...

Clutter is doesn't only show up in the pile of shoes you may have in your closet, the overload of toys in the toy room, the boxes of stuff in the basement, or the stuffed-to-the-max drawers and closets in your home.

Clutter actually invades your life in FOUR forms...

1. Physical Clutter
2. Paper Clutter
3. Digital Clutter
4. Emotional Clutter

1. The Pack Rat: The term pack rat is derived from the tiny creature, generally found in North and Central America, who accumulates mounds of sticks and debris in its nest hole. In organizing lingo, instead of accumulating sticks, a Pack Rat is a person who feels like EVERYTHING must be kept...even if it's worn out, broken, or if he/she already has duplicates of the same item.

An organizing method that works well with this personality type is the 'One a Day' System. It's tough for this person to get rid of tons of clutter at once, but even by discarding or donating just one item a can make progress without it being a devastating process for you.

2. The Delayer: This type of clutter personality really wants the clutter gone...eventually...but doesn't want to deal with it anytime soon. He or she usually feels there's not enough time in the day to even begin.

An organizing idea for this type is to 'phone a friend.' You then commit to getting rid of a few things a day or week, you set a deadline (like Wednesday, 3P), and you ask a friend to call you before the deadline to be sure you've done so...and if not, to come over and help you get rid of it once the deadline has rolled around. This person is your support system.

3. The Dreamer: This person tends to feel that someday...somehow...some way...he/she will want that item (even though it hasn't been used/worn/etc. in months) OR someone else will want whatever it is he/she is holding onto. So, that person's clutter tends to build in hopes of this happening.

An organizing tip for this personality is to stop waiting and 'make that dream come true.' Find somebody RIGHT NOW that wants that item...whether it's a friend, relative, neighbor, or charity.

4. The Fixer Upper: If this is you, you feel that if it's broken, torn, or in need of repair, that you'll get to it...eventually...even if your schedule is already packed to the max, and you barely have time to flip through the daily newspaper.

An organizing thought for this personality is to choose a broken item, schedule a date on the calendar to fix it, and then fix it when that date arrives. If the date passes without it being fixed, the rule is you get rid of it. If you haven't had time to do it by that date, you'll likely never get to it.

5. The Sentimentalist: No matter what this person has, he/she remembers where it was obtained and/or who gave it as a gift. This person feels that if they get rid of the possession, they're also getting rid of the thoughtfulness or memories of the other person.

An organizing method for this type is to take a photo of the item(s) so the memory is always accessible, but then get rid of the physical item taking up physical space.

6. The Undecided: This person wants to get rid of his/her clutter, but is not sure whether or not it's a good idea to do so, generally fearing that whatever it is may be legally, financially, or otherwise important. This person will toss, as long as he/she has confirmation from an expert that it is OK to do so.

An organizing idea for this personality type is to find some members, friends, or anyone who is organized and willing to help...and get them to help you decide what stays and what goes.

Of course, there are many organizing ideas for the many clutter personality types. Knowing what yours is may give you a better understanding of yourself.
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Re: Clutter-Overweight-In Debt-Hate Job

Postby BarbaraSher » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:50 am

This is brilliant, Tituba. If you thought it up, you must put it in an eBook or get someone to do it for you! We will all promote it! I am blown away!!!
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Re: Clutter-Overweight-In Debt-Hate Job

Postby SquarePeg » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:06 pm

It's excellent, definitely! Depending on the clutter I'm all of them, although not so much #2.
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