Adopt a Grade School

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Adopt a Grade School

Postby sallypz » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:41 pm

As I was filling out job applications one asked for the address of the grade school I went to as a kid. I went on line to locate their address & found they had a web site so I explored the web site. The neighborhood I grew up in was never a 'great' neighborhood but the economic status has gone down further since then. The site now called it a lower middle class struggling neighborhood. They said the school is suffering from lack of some basic things. There was a list. I think for Christmas I will buy them something from the list. I'm planning on 'adopting' the school and becoming one of their 'angels'. As part of my savings/financial plan I'm putting saving for them into my budget. Then, either bi-annually, or quarterly, depending on how fast I can grow this special savings fund, I will either donate the money to the school or buy them something. I feel really good about this plan. I think it would be a good idea for other people to adopt a grade school too. Look for one in a poorer neighborhood. Mine was a public school so it looks like the State just isn't meeting all the needs of the schools. I think many grade schools now have web sites. sallypz (MoxieMe)
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