A Christmas Gift

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A Christmas Gift

Postby sallypz » Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:03 am

I debated about writing this,but since no one out there actually knows me personally...we're all just names on a board....I guess I can admit I do this....It's something of an 'act of random kindness' thing, done anonymously because it's not done for any personal applause (so I don't want anyone commenting 'how nice of me' please) but I would like to encourage others to do something similar. This yearly tradition started the year my husband died (about 10 years ago). I was suddenly hit with financial problems, funeral expenses, thought I might be losing my house, no life insurance on him because of a technicality they claimed he filled out the papers wrong, leftover bills from before he died, and suddenly I was a one-income family. I was scared that I was going to go bankrupt, scared that I might end up homeless, scared that my family would go hungry....a bad place to be in emotionally. So I took stock of my remaining finances. In the process I discovered that I had more than I had thought and was reassured that I'd be OK. I was so grateful that I decided to do something to honor my gratitude. It was nearing Christmas, so I decided that that Christmas and every Christmas afterward I would give an anonymous gift to some organization or someone in a Christmas card. The first year was only $50.00. I was at a Christmas concert given by an all volunteer orchestra. Their 'recommended donation' amount for the concert was $5.00....I gave them $50.00 in an unsigned Christmas card....actually the signature was a reference to my favorite Bible verse which is one of God's promise to us to always take care of us...I call it 'the Bible's 911 line to God"---(Psalms 91:11)---this Christmas gift has become something of a walk of faith-- Over the years the amount has increased to about $100. sometimes a little more sometimes a little less....funny thing is it never interferes with my budget...the money for the gift just seems to show up....one year an unexpected bank refund, another year an unexpected bonus at work...personally I believe it is God providing...but you make your own choice as to that... The gift has gone to various groups or individuals..sometimes as cash, sometimes a gift cards....once to someone I knew who was in dire financial trouble and said they would have no Christmas dinner nor presents for their kids--that year it was a $50.00 gift certificate to the grocery store for food and a $50.00 gift certificate to Toys-R-Us for gifts for the kids...the year Hurricane Charley hit our area in Florida I simply 'let God guide' where the gift went...I took $100. and put it with the Christmas Card in an envelope, drove out to one of the areas hardest hit by the hurricane and simply left the gift in a mailbox of a house that looked like it had been hit hard by the hurricane. If you want to do something this year, quietly, to make a difference in the world, please do something similar....give an anonymous gift to someone in a Christmas Card.....if you're not religious simply sign it "from Santa"...this year people really need the lift that receiving such a small gift can bring---encourage your family, friends and co workers to do the same....Imagine how many people a thousand or more people giving an anonymous gift to someone else can encourage....it could change the world. Psalm 91:11 (Me)
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Re: A Christmas Gift

Postby velvet » Thu May 26, 2011 12:16 pm

Great idea!
Thank you for the inspiration.
I once got a check in the mail, from an anonymous organization that would only claim to have the local city's mayor on the board, and no other information.
It was money I so much needed at the time, and I was amazed and touched that somehow that check came to me.
It was a relatively small amount of money, but a great big gift in my eyes.
I love the idea of somehow paying that forward.
thank you.
my husband and I are thinking of heifer international this year for our birthday gifts. He knows I love goats, so suggested I could ask for a goat to be given to a family for their livelihood. :) I also love ducks and you can give a flock of ducks! It's such a neat way to pass on something good to someone. :)
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