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A Christmas Gift

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:03 am
by sallypz
I debated about writing this,but since no one out there actually knows me personally...we're all just names on a board....I guess I can admit I do this....It's something of an 'act of random kindness' thing, done anonymously because it's not done for any personal applause (so I don't want anyone commenting 'how nice of me' please) but I would like to encourage others to do something similar. This yearly tradition started the year my husband died (about 10 years ago). I was suddenly hit with financial problems, funeral expenses, thought I might be losing my house, no life insurance on him because of a technicality they claimed he filled out the papers wrong, leftover bills from before he died, and suddenly I was a one-income family. I was scared that I was going to go bankrupt, scared that I might end up homeless, scared that my family would go hungry....a bad place to be in emotionally. So I took stock of my remaining finances. In the process I discovered that I had more than I had thought and was reassured that I'd be OK. I was so grateful that I decided to do something to honor my gratitude. It was nearing Christmas, so I decided that that Christmas and every Christmas afterward I would give an anonymous gift to some organization or someone in a Christmas card. The first year was only $50.00. I was at a Christmas concert given by an all volunteer orchestra. Their 'recommended donation' amount for the concert was $5.00....I gave them $50.00 in an unsigned Christmas card....actually the signature was a reference to my favorite Bible verse which is one of God's promise to us to always take care of us...I call it 'the Bible's 911 line to God"---(Psalms 91:11)---this Christmas gift has become something of a walk of faith-- Over the years the amount has increased to about $100. sometimes a little more sometimes a little less....funny thing is it never interferes with my budget...the money for the gift just seems to show year an unexpected bank refund, another year an unexpected bonus at work...personally I believe it is God providing...but you make your own choice as to that... The gift has gone to various groups or individuals..sometimes as cash, sometimes a gift cards....once to someone I knew who was in dire financial trouble and said they would have no Christmas dinner nor presents for their kids--that year it was a $50.00 gift certificate to the grocery store for food and a $50.00 gift certificate to Toys-R-Us for gifts for the kids...the year Hurricane Charley hit our area in Florida I simply 'let God guide' where the gift went...I took $100. and put it with the Christmas Card in an envelope, drove out to one of the areas hardest hit by the hurricane and simply left the gift in a mailbox of a house that looked like it had been hit hard by the hurricane. If you want to do something this year, quietly, to make a difference in the world, please do something similar....give an anonymous gift to someone in a Christmas Card.....if you're not religious simply sign it "from Santa"...this year people really need the lift that receiving such a small gift can bring---encourage your family, friends and co workers to do the same....Imagine how many people a thousand or more people giving an anonymous gift to someone else can could change the world. Psalm 91:11 (Me)

Re: A Christmas Gift

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 12:16 pm
by velvet
Great idea!
Thank you for the inspiration.
I once got a check in the mail, from an anonymous organization that would only claim to have the local city's mayor on the board, and no other information.
It was money I so much needed at the time, and I was amazed and touched that somehow that check came to me.
It was a relatively small amount of money, but a great big gift in my eyes.
I love the idea of somehow paying that forward.
thank you.
my husband and I are thinking of heifer international this year for our birthday gifts. He knows I love goats, so suggested I could ask for a goat to be given to a family for their livelihood. :) I also love ducks and you can give a flock of ducks! It's such a neat way to pass on something good to someone. :)