18-Year-old Irish Warmblood Needs a Home.

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18-Year-old Irish Warmblood Needs a Home.

Postby BarbaraSher » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:19 am

There's a photo on Facebook so I know that an Irish Warmblood is a beautiful black horse -- at least this Irish Warmblood is. He looks so nice and kind. So if any of you lives near Tennessee, contact Casey O'Conner (see *** below) Marion Altieri February 20 at 4:08pm Reply ...his name is Walker, and he's beautiful, sweet and perfect for someone who needs a horse to love and possibly trail ride. Please contact me, or ***Casey O'Connor at cocarrot@earthlink.net. Thank you all, SO much! Marion Barbara Sher February 20 at 4:26pm Hi. Wish I could help. I have a place in the country but no barn and it's cold up there. But I'm surrounded by farmers. Where is your horse located? Hi, there, Dr. Sher, Walker is in Tennessee, presently, but I think that the current owner is willing to trailer him wherever he can find a home. Thank you so much for asking--what a kind heart you have, just to ASK. :) Marion Barbara Sher Let me put it up on my bulletin board, Marion. What a lovely owner. Maybe we'll find someone. I know of a place I donate to that takes 'discarded' farm animals. They're in the Catskills. I'll contact them too.
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