What if you can't have what you really want?

Tell us your wish, tell us your obstacle, and we'll try to come up with some useful suggestions to help you get into action toward your dream.

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Re: What if you can't have what you really want?

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Yes, I'm familiar with a lot of companies who will publish your book for $$$$$ I'm not willing to spend $$$$$. I found a couple of places that will publish for free. Of course I have to do all the work. I'm still finding an average of one error per ten pages, and about three places per ten pages where I can make it better. So I'm not quite ready to publish yet. ( It feels like the frog who jumps halfway across the creek, and then another half way to the other side, and so on and never gets to the other side. ) But I'll get there some day. Honest.

I published Temporary Address for free. I paid a guy $500 for the Molly Chronicles because it was complicated because of all the photographs, and the only cover art I could figure out how to use was from the standard photos that CreateSpace used. (They're now defunct.) I have a friend who knows photoshop, so I should be able to get a good book cover. The guy who did The Molly Chronicles made a cover that was better than anything I could have imagined.

I've never been in it for the money. But I am in it for the feeling that people have read what I wrote. And yes, I'd love it if lots of people read my books, especially the one I'm working on now because my writing has definitely improved over years. Funny, I thought my writing was just fine years ago.

So that's me. If you feel like it, tell me about your writing.
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