Empty nest, empty desk

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Empty nest, empty desk

Postby Toni Bodenhamer » Fri Oct 08, 1999 8:31 am

I wish I had some direction. I think think of lots of things that might be nice. But I'm used to passion and energy and strong direction and I've lost it. Someone recently asked me: Have you EVER done anything normal? And the answer was: well, no. And I've had quite fine success -- two great kids, grown and getting onto their own; I've been a reporter (interviewed Ansel Adams, Joan Baez -- and even I am still impressed by them and the glow of passion for their lives and work that I got to touch and learn about 30 years ago); I've been newspaper editor for a small community; now, self-employed for 18 years, I've started and lead successful community events (15,000 to 25,000 attend) for my community -- and still do that, now with recognition, appreciation and a reasonable amount of money. I'm financially secure, thanks in part to a recent infusion of family money. I'm single now, divorced from a nice guy with whom I am still mildly friends and am grateful not to have to live with. People on the outside looking in point out I've got it all. But I don't know, any more, what to do with it. And I've lost my passion for what I am doing. I have most of your books, but the exercises generate aren't generating the level of excitement, direction, and enthusiasm I'm used to. So.....
Toni Bodenhamer
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Postby sabrown » Fri Oct 08, 1999 6:41 pm

Toni, What are the lots of things that you'd think would be nice? Also, does any portion of the "On the Wrong Track and Moving Fast" chapter of I Could Do Anything if I only Knew What it Was book apply to you? (if you have that book) Is it time for a change completely or time to regain passion for what you are already doing? Do you feel that you don't have anyone to share it with anymore now that hubby and children are gone? sabrown
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Postby BarbaraSher » Sat Oct 09, 1999 9:36 am

1) When did that passion go away, Toni? Or, worded differently, when was the last time you had the kind of passion you want? 2) If you can identify a time, ask yourself, What else happened in your life at that time? Sometimes we overlook connections that can explain why our feelings changed.
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