W: A career / life within travel : Father of 1 & Husband

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Re: W: A career / life within travel : Father of 1 & Husband

Postby Alpshiker » Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:46 pm


In my remarks a few days ago, I recommended that you answer this question first: What is the core of what you love about travel and/or the travel industry? I suggested that once you know the core of what you love about travel and/or the travel industry, the next step might be to investigate whether there is a job in travel field that would be a good fit for the core of what you love, or whether a "good enough job" in another field would be the best way to spend more time doing what you love. In reviewing a couple of Barbara's books, I came across several ideas that might help you in this process.

To determine the core of what you love, ask why you love it. If I remember correctly, Barbara gave an example of a couple who loved making cheesecake and had the idea of owning a deli that would serve cheesecake. When asked why they loved this, they said they loved creating the happy moment for customers when they experienced eating their fantastic cheesecake. They realized that it wasn't necessary to own a deli to get the core of what they loved about cheesecake. They were able to brainstorm options that focused on the core of what they loved rather the deli option that would have resulted in spending less time doing what they loved.

In a similar way, you should ask why you love what you love about travel and/or the travel industry to find the core of what you love and then, form a group or ask this forum to brainstorm ideas for how to get the core of what you love into your life.

Concerning your Scanner personality, what kind of Scanner are you? In her book Refuse to Choose, Barbara offers many job ideas that would be good for different types of Scanners. For example, in Chapter 10, Barbara describes jobs involving travel for a certain type of Scanner including consulting work, contract work, temporary jobs, seasonal work, portable jobs (especially good for the IT field) and jobs with built in travel (such as becoming a trainer for an international corporation or hotel chain). Determining the type of scanner you are would be helpful before brainstorming ideas for the travel and/or travel industry.

Concerning your current job, what do you hate about it? Is it the work itself or other things such as the boss, workload, hours, co-workers or lack of support? This would be good to know before the travel brainstorming. For example, perhaps a "good enough job" in the IT field would be acceptable to you if you could find an IT job that had a great boss, reasonable workload, good support, etc. that allowed adequate time to do what you love about travel.

I suggest doing Barbara's Job From Heaven and Job from Hell exercises found in Chapter 3 of I Could Do Anything. This will give you a clear idea of the elements of a job that are most important to you, which would be helpful to know before doing the travel job or "good enough job" brainstorming.

In summary, I think it would be helpful for you to find the core of what you love about travel, the type of Scanner you are and the elements of your ideal job before doing the travel brainstorming. If you answer these questions first, you'll be able to be more specific about what you want and the brainstorming might be more productive. Although I'm not an expert at this, these steps helped me and I hope they will be useful to you. Good luck!
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