Trying to find adventure toursim work in a new place.

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Trying to find adventure toursim work in a new place.

Postby glenster » Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:12 am

Hello people.
Wish and obstacle below.
It's a smidge long winded, but is quite clear. I've done much hard work, but not quite there yet.

I am from the UK, have lived for many years in many countries and am trained/qualified in massage therapy,hostel (Backpacker) work, hosting, tour leading, hospitality and TEFL teaching. I love to be around multi cultural people, meeting new people with similar interests and like to share my knowledge/teach and help people when I can. I am used to living quite sparsely to have a very high standard of life with very little stress.
I'm currently doing some work in Western Europe, which I finish at the end of December and will be ready to get started with my new goal.

The goal is to get paid for my hobbies which Include: snorkelling, cycling, hiking, kayaking and multi activities,not only sports, but also games and excursions.
My thought is to be employed by an adventure travel/activities company as a multi activity leader/guide. The multi activities, travel and adventure being the most important attributes.
Looking at working in warm climates and or a mountainous country where there are activities in winter.
Full, part time and seasonal/contract work accepted.
Not the US or Canada due to visa issues and not the UK, the rest of the world is open.

I have lots of ideas, but my obstacle is that not being in the areas of potential work (warm climate/mountainous country where there are activities in winter, including Mexico, Costa Rica, South East Asia, Nepal and the Caribbean), I don't have any/enough contacts.

I have contacted over 100 companies so far to source work. I have used facebook, LinkedIn, couch surfing groups, my network of friends, advertisements in newspapers and applied directly to companies in Mexico, Costa Rica, South East Asia, Nepal and the Caribbean.

What I need are names of great places to do this sort of work, referrals to the people who hire there, online resources for finding these jobs, newspapers and magazines I ought to subscribe to, and crazy off-the-wall ideas for getting myself hired to do what I do best.
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Re: Trying to find adventure toursim work in a new place.

Postby Andreya » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:08 am

Hi & Welcome to the forum!

Have you tried tourism blogs or 'mom and pop' tourism blogs or websites (eg people who own a small guesthouse at a lovely destination), to get connections and ideas?
Also - Lonely Planet and other such books and sites may have listings for adventures (and/or names+contacts of companies providing them) etc. Also, expats forums and sites.
Sometimes people got job offers after just walking into a tourism site or staying there for a bit.

Hope others will have more ideas and maybe actual info + tips!
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Re: Trying to find adventure toursim work in a new place.

Postby tui » Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:32 am

Have you tried the government agencies at all? Either state or federal for Australia. Tourism NZ for here. Or the universities - perhaps through the Student Unions. You could do that in either the EU or UK - just asking for leads and possibles.

And hanging out in the various 'haunts' for people doing their OE (overseas experience)? People who can give you names, addresses, even a quick phone call on your behalf.

You might consider places in the Pacific that rely on tourism. So long as you're careful. Fiji... Bali... Indonesia generally... Malaysia... and companies that operate in those destinations.

Aus is a possible, too. Queensland is a popular tourist destination, and it's not all 'Gold Coast'. There's the Great Barrier Reef. And Tasmania has plenty of wilderness, hills, and rivers that run.

If you ask in Germany, particularly. Many of them have itchy feet and they head south for our winter, then back north for yours, working at the ski-fields and resorts.
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Re: Trying to find adventure toursim work in a new place.

Postby Marhsal_01 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:01 pm

This is an interesting thread.
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Re: Trying to find adventure toursim work in a new place.

Postby Rylan_06 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:21 am

Nice post!
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Re: Trying to find adventure toursim work in a new place.

Postby heater » Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:17 am

This is a great dream! You have already "cleared the brush" by trying many things and Kudos for being very clear. I think your ESL gives you a powerful option!

Return to the tried and true maxim of giving to others as a way of forming authentic contacts. Send offers to the travel groups and offer 5 hours of free ESl lessons to the *employees of the tourism/adventure providers. Don't worry if you are deluged; just schedule forward if you are. Tell them you admire what they do and want to support their mission and tell them (what will be true) that you are developing materials for teaching ESL to adventure groups. Their staff has to speak English, and already does, but it is usually their 2nd language.

You can teach them by phone or skype in evenings. And you should ask them to offer examples of things they need to say at work, and this becomes your text database for developing resources for an ongoing string of potential customers. Don't hide your excitement about what they do. After the 5th lesson, ask them for an informational interview. If it doesn't lead a job right away, ask them to help you bring your lessons to an additional person, and ask them if they want paid lessons. Don't presume you will get no replies.

You can take other pragmatic steps at the same time, and this will soften the feeling that you need "action now" (although my idea counts as "action" too).
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