About to Turn 40, Want to be a Musician

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Re: About to Turn 40, Want to be a Musician

Post by Elaine Glimme »

I'm thinking Karaoke bars, coffee shops that feature amateur entertainment, and any place else that has open mike nights. Can you do a solo on a bass guitar? Do you sing?

Good luck.
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Re: About to Turn 40, Want to be a Musician

Post by hermiaflorestan »

This is so awesome! I’ve loved reading this thread!

I’m a musician and when I was getting started the hardest but most fun thing to do was just to get a set up and running of songs I love and was super comfortable with. I got a job singing backup in a church band, I’m not particularly religious but this was great because then I met a bunch of people who just liked to jam together and play around which led to other things. When we needed someone like a guitarist or pianist, we posted on Craigslist. We played weddings and lots of small town country fairs, but mostly in my friends basement (which was the best!)

It’s amazing you have piano skills. With your piano and your voice you can do so much on your own!

I wish you luck and I’m excited to hear how it goes!

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