Wish: a Barbara Sher Coach to call and help me. Obstacle:

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Wish: a Barbara Sher Coach to call and help me. Obstacle:

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Wish: to have a Barbara Sher Coach call or meet with me (herself, someone that's trained with her, or even someone who is brand new to her style of life coaching and would like to practice on me?)

Obstacle: I can't afford one right now. I lost my house and all my money (and self worth) from trying to start a business and failing. I finally decided to step back after nearly 6 years and am down/confused trying to figure out what to do with my life now after always being the smart/reliable/successful one in my peer group. I have a lot of ideas, talents, and passions but am scared to go into the "wrong" one... S.O.S.

I truly love Barbara Sher's teachings and mentality and it would be a dream come true to have some personally help me through this transitional period in my life the way she has helped so many. pm me here or I can maybe put my phone number? Thank you so much for reading.

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Re: Wish: a Barbara Sher Coach to call and help me. Obstacle

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The coaches Barbara has trained are listed here:
- Patty Newbold
Director, Sher Success Teams
Marriage Education Author/Speaker - assumelove.com - enjoybeingmarried.com

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