what does it mean?

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what does it mean?

Postby jazzdiva » Sat Sep 29, 2001 6:34 pm

what does it mean if, when you get close to making something happen, suddenly you feel a need to do something else entirely? I've started taking a conducting class. I've been to one class. So many bad memories came back...it repelled me. suddenly singing jazz seems to make the most sense. 6 weeks ago I was all set up to get going on the jazz thing and what happens? I stop cold. I lose interest completely...I decide it is best to sign up for the conducting course. in the mean time, I'm working a day job. I don't know who I am anymore. and musician or a corporate cog. it is giving heartache. I can't take these swings.
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Postby kazbah » Sat Sep 29, 2001 10:24 pm

one word jazzdiva.... "RESISTANCE". Just stick with the one you're doing right now, the conducting ... because you decided you would do it, if for no other reason ... and know that what you're experiencing is resistance - for any combination of a pile of reasons. there is a great comment in one of the other threads, started by someone with exactly the same pattern (help me out here guys) about how you have to stick with the process ... kinda like being in love and getting married - you go thru the ultra passionate time, and then you really have to start working at it, and then you get to a point where you feel totally comfortable with what you're doing and how you're doing it. So keep going - you can do it! Kaz Image
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Postby fountaine » Sun Sep 30, 2001 9:03 am

Don't forget Sher's "hard times" methods of tantrum until you laugh, then you go ahead and do it. Whose life do you want to live? The interesting adult or the unhappy "I don't wanna!" 2 year-old. Give the kid a hug and kiss and promise the kid they get to come along for the ride. LK
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Postby Karana » Sun Sep 30, 2001 9:45 am

I am in a working situation of my choosing that is currently full of stress and disorganization. My mind has been filled with thoughts of quitting but I haven't and will not at this time. I share this because I know what is causing me the discomfort and looking at the situation realistically I know it will pass, I just have to hang in there for now. After two months I will evaluate the situation and if I feel it will continue in the same chaotic fashion I will start to look for employment elsewhere. You experienced some uncomfortable feelings that were tied to memories of the past. Give yourself the opportunity to work through those memories and let them go. Try to just stay present with your goal and give it a chance to create new, more pleasant experiences. Best wishes no matter what you decide.
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