When to seek alternate routes to success?

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When to seek alternate routes to success?

Postby katchal » Tue Oct 09, 2001 6:17 pm

How do you know when to stop and reevaluate your strategy for getting to the life you want? What's the difference between cowardly and prudent? I've been working very hard for about 5 months to plan and launch a marketing consulting business, but have had NO success so far in getting clients or even prospects. I know I'm doing the right marketing activities (Web site, direct mail, advertising, networking, cold calling, e-mail inquiries, etc.), but it just isn't working at all in the current economy. I've done consulting before, and it was never this hard to find clients. Instead of trying to do consulting full time right away, I'm considering continuing to work on it part-time, slacking off on the intense marketing effort and taking a year to focus on writing articles, getting speaking engagements and building my local network. (Just moved here a year ago.) This means I'll also have to find a job since my current employer will probably announce a 4th round of layoffs any day now. I'm the last non-executive marketing person left in the US so I'll probably be on the next hit list. (Job hunting really sucks!) How do I know if reevaluating is the right course of action? Can taking a step backward actually be a step forward? Thanks, Katchal
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Postby kazbah » Tue Oct 09, 2001 7:14 pm

Can you pre-empt the layoffs and offer to work for you current employer on a contract basis? for say, 20 hours per week, which will give you some leeway to build up your client base?? Its very challenging and I know it must be tough in the current US climate, but re-evaluating and evolving is a constant part of the job when you are trying to find your niche. Have you talked to people to find out where there might be a gap you can tailor your skills to re-address? F'instance, if lots of companies are downsizing and laying off marketing staff, would some of them be interested in you on an hourly or contract basis? We had a meeting today and our head office guys were talking about the fact that they have a marketing dept of 8 staff who are idle for big chunks of the year in between producing marketing publications which happen 3 to 4 times per year. They are looking at giving the publications to marketing companies who can just send staff in for those times when its busy, rather than paying a premium to top staff who twiddle their thumbs for much of the year. just a thought cheers and good luck Kaz Image
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Postby dial » Tue Oct 09, 2001 9:27 pm

good luck. kazbah has some good thoughts on this.
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