Any ideas on how to make this work?

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Any ideas on how to make this work?

Postby sweetsoulmusic » Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:03 pm

Hello everyone! I've got a bit of an idea predicament. I figured it would be good to ask my question to the group of the most experienced creatively indecisive geniuses! I've been trying to do everything and it's completely exhausting me. I work full-time as an office worker and my job works me really hard every day. I also run a book company part-time, go to college part-time, setting up a record label, write articles for associated content, singing when I can, recording demos, getting into charities, trying to volunteer occassionally, working on a book, trying to get through my reading list, blah blah blah... Needless to say, I try to do everything... But when it comes to work, I find myself very underpaid and very exhausted from giving it all my energy, and having to pull from my reserves for my passions when I get home. I want a job that actually means something to me, where I have a drive to continue it. I have other plans and long-term goals for my life, and just in case it takes longer than I expect... I would like to have a good paying job I enjoy during that time. Which I need school to get to. What kinds of things can one do without having to work in corporate america? I don't want to teach. I don't like children. The only kinds of kids I can get along with are usually the extremely intelligent Gifted kids... they are really adults. I thought about a librarian but you need a master's degree to make only $40,000 a year. I've considered non-profits but I don't want to be doing things from behind a desk. I would want to actually be in the countries deliverying things to people. I want a cause I believe in to work for... I'm definitely a social activist type of personality. I consider myself a constitutionalist, and I'm into the non-chemical foods/personal care products, I don't eat fast food meat because of how they treat the animals (I can't go vegetarian for health reasons), I strongly believe in helping others in 3rd world countries who can really use it for good, I have a selection of favorite organizations I keep up with, I like educating people to empower themselves and think for themselves (aka sharing knowledge), I want to build libraries in foreign countries with little access to education, and most of all I believe people should be who they naturally are. I also like writing articles to speak up for issues such as giftedness, sensory defensiveness, hypoglycemia, etc. Any ideas? Thank you bunches! Ashley
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Re: Any ideas on how to make this work?

Postby Andreya » Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:41 am

Hi Ashley! First of all, I think you're an awesome and interesting person!! I've 'been there' trying to 'do it all' and sort of burnt out, so it's wise to figure out what balance of do/not do is best for you! Have you done the 6-year or 10-year calendar yet? (exercise from Refuse to Choose - you can have goals/wishes on the various areas of your life, eg music, activism...) Questions: can you get a better paying office/less stress job? Have you looked at jobs on Associated Content is not really worth your time, unless you really absolutely enjoy writing for that and don't have time to research any other markets, or it's an important money stream. Have you read any books on freelancing eg by Jenna Glatzer, Kelly James Enger and Renegade Writer? If not, start!! :) It's easier than you think to get published in a real magazine/newspaper! (And people will take you more seriously also.) Even if you join/set up an organisation, they may appreciate seeing your credits in 'real' print! Master's degree for being a librarian sounds really crazy, as far as I know you don't need that here in Slovenia! There are jobs or volunteer positions for people to deliver things into developing countries. Mind, it can also be stressful or you can feel you have no 'power' over higher problems of that country or their officials/corruption/... There are people on other forums who have done something similar, not with books, but being abroad in developing countries, helping out, delivering things. I'm not sure if they got paid for it and how much. Check out what Oprah and Shakira are doing!! Oprah has a school in Africa, I think, and Shakira is trying to get schools/good education into developing countries. They might need people like you to actually deliver stuff. Also, smaller organizations might need 'outreach' or PR people who are good with dealing with crowds or standing on stage saying things (they may be better with stuff 'behind the desk' or behind the computer!) Some books are delievered informally, eg via missionary organisations or such. Here is something I have been thinking about: some second hand shops (or charity shops) may have too many books, sometimes they are offered here 'for free', and sometimes even then some don't get taken - and maybe some of those could be helpful to people in other countries too. Ideally you could perhaps get funding to get those books to other countries (at least cover shipping costs etc). Or were you thinking of new books? In that case, how about hooking up with a permaculture society or something like that in USA and there's a guy in Egypt on this board who'd love to set up permaculture in Egypt - maybe the two of you can set up something? (If that goes well, you could use it as example to do something like that in other countries too?) If you have favorite organizations ask if they could help or check for any positions open, or come up with your own ideas and suggest them to them. OR find people/organisations who'd be willing to do paper work and set up an organisation yourselves.
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